NVIDIA GPUs. Good and bad drivers for VEGAS

NickHope wrote on 6/14/2017, 8:06 AM

I've compiled a spreadsheet of reports of "good" and "bad" NVIDIA drivers for Vegas.

NVIDIA Drivers for VEGAS

It's a little simplistic because it doesn't take into account the operating system, the Vegas version, the other hardware, the symptoms of the problem, or various other variables. However it should be a good guide for which driver to try or advise others to try when thing go wrong.

Note that the same driver versions tend to fail or succeed across all the GPUs within one architecture. So for example, in general, what works for one Fermi card would probably work for them all, and what fails for one Kepler card would probably fail for them all.

If you have corrections to submit, or further reports of success or failure, please post the following information and I will add them to the spreadsheet:

  • Graphics card model
  • "Good" driver version if you've had success
  • "Bad" driver version if you've had problems
  • Symptoms of the problem
  • Vegas Pro version
  • Windows version

(You'll be able to find this post via the GPU FAQ post.)


Jam_One wrote on 6/14/2017, 10:45 AM

Great job, Nick!!!
I would like to add one more version of drivers as "a very good", delivering high speed of processing. It's v.337.88

GTX 760 * 2 (SLI)
337.88 = Good. Higher speed of processing (many heavy FX in project) then with driver versions 376.51 and above.
368.xx = Bad. Symotms = Red screen / failure with GPU-intensive third-party plugins (like "Re:Vision RSMB").
Vegas Pro 14.252
Windows 7 Ultimate x64

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Win 7 Ultimate | Intel i7-4790K @ 4GHz | nVidia GTX 760 4GB * 2

SSD | 32 GB RAM | No Swap file | No Overclock | GPU-in-CPU OFF

t.A.T.u. F.o.R.e.V.e.R.!


NickHope wrote on 6/14/2017, 11:34 AM

Thanks. Added. So you prefer 337.88 or 376.33 (which you were using before)?

Cliff Etzel wrote on 6/14/2017, 11:47 AM

Nick - I'm running a GTX-660ti card with the 376.53 driver. My Radeon 6970 was actually worse in performance in addition to running hotter by at least 10C. On occasion I have had VP13 b545 crash on exit and I do see something in the log file about an x64 graphics driver being the culprit. Will try downgrading to the "Good" driver and see if that makes any difference. Thanks for compiling this info

Jam_One wrote on 6/15/2017, 12:52 PM

Thanks. Added. So you prefer 337.88 or 376.33 (which you were using before)?

I have decided to "calm down" (i.e. to stop experimenting) and stay with 337.88 for the near future.

Why? -- Because I have a feeling this version is "faster" for Vegas. The time required to render my projects reduced to about ~10-12 minutes per minute of video down from ~12-15 minutes per minute of video with newer versions of drivers.

From the functional point of view both versions are identical / seem to be safe to use.
In other words, if you do not have a habit of using 12 FX as a base + 2~5 more optionally, including RE:Vision; Boris; NewBlue; Digital Anarchy; Filmconvert in each and every project -- you may happen to see no difference whatsoever.

Brandynette wrote on 11/11/2018, 12:47 PM

Ohh well. Its old but ill try anyways.

Vegas Pro 14. Win 10, i7-4300, 16gb and a 980m. ill give details if asked.
Got a cheap bundle at a discount, was learning the basic with Davinci Resolve but that thing is hell. And the effects do everything just not that what its supposed
The amazing thing was that my Laptop rendered 1s vid in less than 2s. Yeah at 1080p 60fps 10Mbps

Interesting and strange subject! Was thinking that video rendering without GPU is kinda from the stone age only useful in certain tasks or compatibility...

Im kinda new to video edition, i know the basics so many hidden configs i have no clue what they mean.
Is there a link so i can at least tweak it to save some time?