OT: Asus Proart PA2xx: What do the USB ports do?

Julius_ wrote on 10/2/2015, 7:59 AM

I have the Asus Proart PA246 monitor with about 3 usb ports...I'm doing a trade show in a few months and thought maybe I can plug in my flash drive and show some jpg photos. But nothing happens...what do these usb ports do?

P.S. I tried googling but didn't get the answers.



NickHope wrote on 10/2/2015, 9:49 AM
Perhaps you have to connect one of them to your computer and then the others act as simple extra USB ports, like a USB hub. I've had those on old monitors.
rmack350 wrote on 10/2/2015, 11:26 AM
They're a hub. You need to run a USB-B cable from your PC to the back of the monitor for these to have any function.