Arthur.S wrote on 1/19/2016, 12:56 PM
I think if this "Lily camera" does take off ('scuse the pun) it'll revolutionise the drone market.
GeeBax wrote on 1/19/2016, 4:01 PM
The whole promotion of the Lily stinks, it was all done with CGI, nothing real there at all. Whether it will even become available for sale is in question, as 75% of those ideas never get up and going.

And as a serious tool for people wanting to shoot video, it is useless. It is nothing more than an expensive 'Flying Selfie'.
VMP wrote on 1/19/2016, 4:48 PM
+1 GeeBax

For the folks that don't want to pilot the craft (which I can't imagine) or need over-the-top-friendliness the new Yuneec seem to do a better job than Lilly, plus it avoids obstacles now, like the new DJI Matrice :

Video of avoiding obstacles @ 2:17:

The previous Yuneec Q500 did have a big drawback IMO because it transmitted the FPV signal via Wi-Fi which gave a +/- 3 second lag in the monitor, so flying it with FPV is useless.
Not sure what the new one does with its FPV signal.

For professional / controllable aerial filming it's better to have an UAV that's fully controllable.
I for one LOVE flying my Hexacopter, that’s one of the main reasons I build it myself. I prefer that, automation means = it can do crazy stuff when it malfunctions.

I use the GPS only to hold its position. When something goes wrong or it loses the signal from my transmitter, it slowly lands.

I have disabled the return to home function too, because I keep it in my sight, and don't want it to do crazy fly away stuff (It shoots 20 meters into the air if you unknowingly enable the return to home function for example). I have also build RC helicopters and other crafts, so I am familiar with flying RC crafts.

I am very happy with my hexacopter. If DJI or other brand brings out reasonably priced add-on module to avoid obstacles then I will probably add that to my hexacopter. But it does add more weight to the craft, decreasing it's flight time. So I would probably make it a module that can be removed if not needed.
I rarely fly near obstacles and the prop guards do a great job protecting.

ushere wrote on 1/20/2016, 9:01 PM