VMP wrote on 10/26/2015, 8:26 PM
Omg, I am gonna do this with my

GeeBax wrote on 10/27/2015, 5:36 PM
What are the well-placed excavations for? Love your dogs, we have seven Golden Retrievers and soon to be Nineteen!

The Phantom finally arrived and is benched:

Now for charging the batteries, balancing the props, updating the firmware, fitting to the carry case.... phew, so much to do before you even get to fly it.

VMP wrote on 10/27/2015, 6:23 PM
Sweet GB that looks nice! Enjoy!

It's our garden they are gonna be ponds with water and fishes :-).

Yes Balan (retriever) and Stella they are like brother and sister, That's my dads daily route :-).

Wow seven Golden Retrievers! :-) haha I already got my hands full with these two guys.

Indeed there is much prep to do before you fly them! Looking forward to your footage.

I have build the Hexa myself.

Build photos:

I have posted it before in the thread of Gary James
Subject: The Quadcopter saga continues

JJKizak wrote on 10/27/2015, 7:53 PM
I can see the new vernacular being added to our slanguage---Let's drone him---He got droned last night---You droning me?---I'm going to make drone meat out of you---How would you like a drone up your ---?
VMP wrote on 10/27/2015, 8:19 PM
'Stop droning around!'
'You must be droning kidding me'
'Drone to be brave'
'It's a drone new world'
'How drone you!'

NickHope wrote on 10/29/2015, 1:17 AM
GoPro tease footage from their forthcoming drone:

PeterWright wrote on 10/29/2015, 5:50 AM
Serious artifacting across the bottom of frame?
Gary James wrote on 10/29/2015, 11:49 AM
If a GoPro drone does appear, this would really cut into the sales of the 3DR Solo. The only reason to buy a Solo over a Phantom 3 is the Solo's claimed compatibility with the GoPro Hero 4 and Hero 3+ Black cameras.
GeeBax wrote on 10/29/2015, 5:55 PM
Hmm. If GoPro are serious, then the first thing they need to do is fix their lens. The fisheye distortion was the first thing that I noticed on that clip. Apart from that, it was quite ordinary.

The greatest thing DJI's Phantom 3 Pro has over any of the other Quads is the Lightbridge system giving you crystal clear images from the camera up to 2km away.

I finally got adventurous enough to take my first couple of flights yesterday. Unfortunately, I forgot to hit the record button for the first couple. The third time I remembered. This is the result. The best part about this is the swallows trying to dive bomb the aircraft and the crazy dogs. Fortunately three of the Golden's were in another enclosure at the time:

VMP wrote on 10/29/2015, 6:34 PM
Very cute goldens!

GB two tips:

1. Try to avoid quick turns on its own axis, this could make the Quad almost fall out of the sky (could result in high wobbles). When you turn it in it's own axis two of the motors (three in my case) are turning slower. So it is basically flying with two motors.

2. Avoid decending straight down, combine it with some forward or backward movement.
Otherwise the Quad could fall into it's own 'dirty air', turbulent downdraft.

Gary James wrote on 11/1/2015, 10:11 PM
With all the other bad hype that personal drones are getting, now they can be accused of being responsible for causing Africanized bees to swarm and attack.

VMP wrote on 11/1/2015, 10:30 PM
Ha they probably see it as a large queen bee!

Many more from before:

VMP wrote on 11/7/2015, 5:58 AM
Researchers turn a swarm of drones into a physical hologram

And now the original audio version of the video ;-).

VMP wrote on 12/11/2015, 7:10 PM
Tokyo's solution to rogue drones? Drones with nets


ushere wrote on 12/24/2015, 5:54 PM
it had to happen....

when it actually does some damage then the sparks will fly?
DGates wrote on 12/24/2015, 6:48 PM
..."The company responsible for the drone, sports marketing agency Infront, said its initial investigation "indicates a malfunction of the drone."

Very astute! Can't get nothing past those guys.
VMP wrote on 1/18/2016, 2:06 AM
Any of you fly your drones recently?

I shot this yesterday, it was the first white/snowy day here in the Netherlands.
(It was the warmest winter ever)

Also posted on my Facebook company page:

relaxvideo wrote on 1/18/2016, 2:07 AM
why soo wide?
VMP wrote on 1/18/2016, 2:11 AM
Because it is ;-).

MSmart wrote on 1/19/2016, 1:19 AM
Drones with orchestra
Red Prince wrote on 1/19/2016, 2:22 AM
That’s amazing! Thanks!


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