InterceptPoint wrote on 1/10/2008, 5:41 AM

While there is no reason that you couldn't build video streaming into your Denon receiver it is not the natural home for that function.

As I recall it took the AV Receiver guys forever to finally listen to the Home Theater folks and start putting HDMI switching into their receivers. I specifically recall a conversation I had at CES a few years back with a Yamaha exec who explained to me just how really expensive and time consuming it was to add this sort of fancy switching to their pretty black boxes. It is certain that integrating full video decoding into an AV is not something they or Denon or the rest really want to do and I actually don't blame them. What we really want in a AV receiver is great audio. We need video switching there because it is the audio switch and you want both audio and video switching functions in the same place.

A Blu-Ray player has built-in hardware and software for video decoding. That seems to me to be much of the stuff you need to do the streaming of any and all video formats. Streaming is a natural extension of the Blu-Ray player's functionality.

So stick around. In a few years we will see how it goes. I predict the black boxes will be evolved DVD/Blu-Ray players with ethernet connections that will let you play an HD disk or log on to the Internet and download or stream your pretty 1080p60 content. Or maybe it will be your 2116p120 content.
Coursedesign wrote on 1/10/2008, 8:09 AM
Well, in that case you may as well put the ATSC/QAM tuner in the BD player box too, as that would seem to be the only way to avoid the multiple remote dilemma that everyone hates, non-geeks with a vengeance.
apit34356 wrote on 1/10/2008, 11:38 AM
"ATSC/QAM tuner in the BD player box too," that could be soon, I think the EU is scheduled for a HD tuner for the PS3. Just about everyone(manufacturers) have dvd burners with cable or sat tuners now.
donp wrote on 1/11/2008, 11:59 AM
What about all my DVD's? Doesn't the HD-DVD palyer also play the regular DVD's? The Blue Ray players won't? To me that's the winning point for the HD-DVD. I'm not going to reinvest in buying all my DVD releases in another format.
craftech wrote on 1/11/2008, 12:50 PM
Doesn't the HD-DVD palyer also play the regular DVD's? The Blue Ray players won't?
Yes, the Blu-Ray players will also do that.