BillyBoy wrote on 6/29/2004, 1:55 PM
While growing up family friends that didn't have any children lived in the same apartment building. Every time he or his wife saw me they would say "BiilyBoy, BillyBoy, BillyBoy" always three times. As a boy I used to get them newspapers and do other little errands. Back in the 50's getting a quarter sometimes a whole dollar for five minutes "work" was a pretty big deal. <wink>
haze2 wrote on 6/29/2004, 2:08 PM
Hey BillyBoy, it's nice to have someone else that remembers the 50's!
Haze is my middle name and I have a roman numeral II at the end of my name (rather than Jr.), so I use haze2. I answer to Haze or Frank.

Frank........(or Haze) :)
skibumm101 wrote on 6/29/2004, 2:12 PM
i lke to ski
Jsnkc wrote on 6/29/2004, 2:19 PM
When I used to DJ the on-air name I used was Jason Casey
shorten it up a bit and you get Jsnkc.
Jay_Mitchell wrote on 6/29/2004, 2:41 PM
Back in the 80's and thru the mid 90's - I earned my living as a Helicopter Pilot in Los Angeles. My Company did alot of movie and television camera work from the copters. I also flew for a Television News Gathering Company for extra fun.

When a Helicopter Pilot / Reporter Position became available in the late 80's for KWFB News Radio - I won the job.

I began reporting as Jay Steinbrecher. The station execs called me in and said that I had to change my name to something less ethnic. They handed me a list of 50 last names that they thought would be perfect for the first name of Jay.

I made a wise crack and said " Why don't I just call myself "Oliver Towne" for a pun of "All Over Town". The Execs jumped with joy and said Great Name! Use it! Then, I said, my middle name is Mitchell. And, They said, that's good too! It's your choice. So, in 1988 - I became Jay Mitchell.

JohnnyRoy wrote on 6/29/2004, 3:16 PM
*** EDITED *** (i meant $0.15 not $15 for a Coke)

I had already stated in the other thread that I’ve been using the stage name Johnny Roy since 1974 when I first started performing music professionally. All of my friends from that era know me as Johnny Roy. I picked the name to honor my beloved father’s brother, Jim Roy who played with Al Goodman and His Orchestra. He died before I played my first gig so I chose his name in remembrance. I would have liked for him to see me play.

I also remember 25 cents still being a big deal in the late 50’s early 60’s when I was a growing up. You could get a bottle of Coca Cola for $15 and when you brought back the empty bottle, you got a 2-cent deposit with which you could buy two pieces of Bazooka bubble gum (they were a penny each). These days a bottle of water costs over a $1 (I don't know I refuse to buy it). Could you imagine selling bottled water back then? I think people would have laughed you out of business. What has this world come to? ;-)

DavidMcKnight wrote on 6/29/2004, 3:18 PM
...apparantly it's come to $15 for a bottle of Coke LOL

(I know what you meant, just being a smartbutt)

dmcknight - first initial, last name (yawn)
SHTUNOT wrote on 6/29/2004, 3:28 PM
People would know me for my use of "I sh!t you NOT dude!!!". So I used it online so my friends know its me. I don't say it that much anymore but every so often it arises in a conversation. ;)

So the next time I give advice that you might find a little hard to believe you can take a guess as to my response! ;)

Hannibal_ wrote on 6/29/2004, 3:31 PM
Fascinated by history

beerandchips wrote on 6/29/2004, 3:38 PM
Beerandchips. Couldn't think of a username for the Pinnacle forum. Looked around, saw a beer and a bag of chips. There you go. Decided to use the same user name here.
epirb wrote on 6/29/2004, 3:50 PM
I work in the Marine/Yacht industry. Mainly as an electrical tech.
I seem to be the one they call when there's an emergency or need help.

EPIRB's (Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon's)are devices we install on boats that people activate when the're in trouble.It sends GPS location as well as other boat info to a land based station etc. to get help.
So they gave me that nickname at work.

Now if you ask my girlfriend ,... she say's it stands for
Eric's _____ Is Really Big !

But if that were really true, I wouldnt be in the marine business, and probably on the other side of the camera! : )

taliesin wrote on 6/29/2004, 4:19 PM
I used to use my real name "Marco" but at least in german forums this often was already taken as username. That time I was just about to read a kind of fantasy. All about Avalon, Excalibur, Arthus, and a smart old druid called "Taliesin". I liked that old man. Thought I'd give him a sign once a while by using his name here and there.

JohnnyRoy wrote on 6/29/2004, 4:32 PM
Oops. yea I meant $0.15 or 15 cents. It may have even been 12 cents. I use to laugh when my parents talked about how much things cost when they were young. Now I'm doin' it. Damn! ;-)

busterkeaton wrote on 6/29/2004, 4:53 PM
worked with Fatty Arbuckle and directed Sherlock Jr.
ibliss wrote on 6/29/2004, 5:02 PM
One of my favourite bands, Soul Coughing released an album call "Irrisistable Bliss", which I shortened to 'ibliss'.

My real name is Mike, and there's far more of those about to get mixed up with...
PeterWright wrote on 6/29/2004, 7:19 PM
My surname is Wright and my first name is Peter. I thought, what the hell, I'll try putting them together .... ;)
swarrine wrote on 6/29/2004, 7:52 PM
I would have thought you were a jogger, lol...

First initilal, most of last name for me.
Spot|DSE wrote on 6/29/2004, 7:58 PM
We were on a concert tour in Denmark, playing Roskiilde festival about 15 years ago. At the time, we were calling the band "Spotted Eagle" rather than using my full name as the front man. So, the emcee, thinking "Spotted" was my first name and "Eagle" was my last name, called me "Spot" much akin to how you might change James to Jim or David to Dave. The band busted up laughing and although I hated at the time, the nickname stuck. Now, I use it on most everything, even to the point of being told by the TSA that I can't use it because it's not my full name. Hey, if it's on my license and passport, it's legal as far as I'm concerned.
Anyway, that's the story of "Spot."
One good thing....rarely do people forget my nickname once they've met me.
Chienworks wrote on 6/29/2004, 8:17 PM
Back in my old college days (or was that young college days) my best buddy decided that he and i should form a software company. He liked my name a lot better than his (Janke) so we decided to use that. We didn't think that just plain "Chien" would do well though. It didn't really have a ring to it and we feared confusion with the French word of the same spelling. At the time, a lot of the big name software packages had "works" in the title so we went with that and Chienworks* was born.

* The asterisk doesn't stand for anything.
wolfbass wrote on 6/29/2004, 8:19 PM
a long time ago when I went to connect to the internet for the first time, they told me I needed a user name. Totally unprepared, I used the first thing I thought of:

I played bass in a band called 'Wolf' at the time. Hence, wolfbass!

Stuck with it since, even though the band is long gone.

Erk wrote on 6/29/2004, 8:23 PM
Greg Erken. Actually, they called one of my older brothers Erk.

I think beerandchips wins the prize, whatever that might be.
wolfbass wrote on 6/29/2004, 8:34 PM
So you didn't eat his liver with some flava beans and a nice chianti? :)
JackW wrote on 6/29/2004, 8:36 PM
A friend who lives in upstate New York told me this name story:

His neighbor was given no first or middle name at birth, only initials: R. B. Johnson. When he first filed with the IRS his Form 1040 was returned with a note that said in no uncertain terms that FULL FIRST NAME AND MIDDLE NAME ARE REQUIRED BY LAW.

So R.B. wrote back, explaining his parent's omission.

Nope, said the IRS. Full first and middle name.

So the following year, Johnson filled out the form like this: R(only) B(only) Johnson.

The following year's form was addressed to "Mr. Ronly Bonly Johnson."

My handle is nowhere that complex. I was born into a family that already had two men named John in it. To simplify calls to dinner, one retained John, one became Josh and the baby -- yours truly -- became Jack. "JackW" takes less keystrokes than Jack Wolcott.
GaryKleiner wrote on 6/29/2004, 8:45 PM
Guess I'm feeling really boring right now :-0