Jayster wrote on 10/13/2006, 11:13 PM
Serena - actually it was me who mentioned having to use DeShaker. So far I'm averaging 3 out of 4 projects where multi-generation rendering is absolutely required (mostly where I had to do a "render to new track"), so yes I'm agreeing that we've taken a step back due to the lackluster playback performance with CFDIs. It's a big impact on that one. In fact, playback with 2+ layers of CFDIs in Vegas 6 was still somewhat slow, I was hoping for improvements, not the other way around.

The projects where we can use only .m2ts will greatly benefit from the new paradigm, but not the rest (i.e. 3 out of 4 will suffer on my average). I am still hoping Sony will take action on this. And I think other customers with complex workflows should push about it too.

fldave - can you bring HuffyUV into a Vegas timeline, or do you need to transcode it first? How well does it perform (playback speed, file size, etc.)? I assume the Sony YUV only works in Vegas.
fldave wrote on 10/14/2006, 6:16 AM
re. HuffYUV: works in Vegas timeline fine. It is lossless, compressed about 5 to 1 over uncompressed. I haven't benchmarked it, but theoretically any real bottlenecks would be at the disk throughput level.

Make sure you use the older HuffYUV version 2.1.1. The 2.2.0 version had some bugs, not sure if they've been fixed. I haven't even checked for newer versions lately, 2.1.1 just works.

Edited: Just ran a few tests, if you want full rate playback with HuffYUV, you'll need a RAID! 3:42.07 clip (3+ min) = 706MB m2t = 10GB HuffYUV = 40.5GB uncompressed.

Fastest rate playback from one drive was 6.5fps, didn't matter what quality setting. Copied the HuffYUV to a WD Raptor, got 8+fps. CPU was 20-30% during playback, so definite hard drive throughput issue.

The advantage with HuffYUV is like working with uncompressed without the massive disk storage space needs.
riredale wrote on 10/14/2006, 11:25 AM

I've also worked a bit with Huffyuv as an intermediate for VirtualDub DeShaker needs. Have you experimented with the various flavors of Huffyuv? From your description of file sizes, it appears that you use the version that does not convert to YUY.

Here are some numbers from a very brief render I just did:

original m2t file: 132MB, plays at 30fps
Huffyuv YUY: 1.3GB (about 10x larger), plays at 7.7fps
Huffyuv RGB: 1.98GB (about s15x larger), plays at 7.2fps.

Is there any practical difference between the YUY and RGB versions?
fldave wrote on 10/14/2006, 1:47 PM
I use v 2.1.1 for several years. Tried the v2.2.0 when it first came out and had lots of problems as other people had also. Went back to 2.1.1 and it just works, don't have to think about it. As I said, I haven't even looked for a newer version.

Suggest RGB, RGB method Predictive Gradient (best), Enable RGBA (alpha) is turned off (I have used this at times though). I haven't used YUY2 yet.

I've always had a 1 to 4 or 5 ratio to uncompressed on most all of my footage.
DelCallo wrote on 10/15/2006, 2:30 AM
When did version 7 arrive?
I have purchased every version since V V 2.0.
Is there an upgrade offer?

I am surprised I did not receive an email on this.

rs170a wrote on 10/15/2006, 5:52 AM
When did version 7 arrive?

About a month ago.

Is there an upgrade offer?

Sure is. Check the special pricing offer. $135 download or $150 boxed.

I am surprised I did not receive an email on this.

I just got mine last week, 3 weeks after I bought it :-)

Serena wrote on 10/15/2006, 11:33 PM
>>>The major thing presently is not being able to run Cineform at 25fps (PAL).

Bit of "red faces" time on this! I was connecting to CFHD intermediates on an external disk, which I have always found to slow things down (firewire). With the DIs on an internal disk all runs up to speed. One of the improvements V7 offers in handling m2t files (being smaller/sec) is that firewire can achieve the needed transfer rate. Glad I didn't get all uppity about this issue. Mind and body have been elsewhere and are now back at the computer coal-face.
Yoyodyne wrote on 10/16/2006, 4:42 PM
Serena, just a few quick questions -

Are you using 1080i, 720p, something else?

Playing off a raid, single drive, Sata?

Preview/Auto, Best/Full?

Just curious - I'm using 720p from the JVC GY-HD100 at 24 frames a second and get full resolution/full framerate playback (Best/Full) With Cineform when previewed to my external monitor (Dell 2405) In Vegas 6. In Vegas 7 on the exact same system I am getting around 19 or 20 frames per second - this is coming off a 4 drive Sata Raptor Raid in both cases.

Thanks a bunch for any info :)
Serena wrote on 10/17/2006, 3:54 PM
I'm using 1080/50i and running off a single SATA HD. With CFHD DIs I get 25fps on Preview/auto and I'll need to check for the different preview modes. Presently I'm immersed in a hurried job editing m2t in V7, which it does surprisingly well. Get 25fps in Preview/Half on external monitor and usually 25fps for Preview/Full. I haven't read the manual (action of last resort!) on the new preview modes, but on my external 17" LCD I see little difference in resolution between Preview/Full and Best/Full, but there is a difference in playback rate.
DelCallo wrote on 10/28/2006, 1:30 AM
Tried your link rs170a. Can't get in - just a beep. Can anyone else get me to this special pricing offer site?
DelCallo wrote on 10/28/2006, 1:44 AM
OK. The link worked. Still, the only upgrade offer I saw was for $235. Am I missing something?

kdenninger wrote on 10/28/2006, 12:37 PM
Yes - it depends on what you have now. I qual'd for the $249 deal but not the cheaper ones, because I was on V5.
winrockpost wrote on 10/28/2006, 12:46 PM
no, any version of vegas can be upraded at the special price .