Problem with instalation of Boris FX

Frantisek-Zana wrote on 5/14/2020, 1:27 AM

Hi, we just buyed vegas 17 pro Suite, and i have problem with install of the Boris FX addons - can anyone help me with the download and activation of it?
- in PDF i clicked the link for download the continuum file from BORIS FX web, then entered all the information, got confirmation that they will send us link in 30 minutes to our email. And thats it. Nothing came. Tryed for both title studio and for random one of the serials in boris. Any thoughts?


Frantisek-Zana wrote on 5/14/2020, 2:28 AM

Yes, i did that. Sadly after registration there, promissed email with link to download didnt arrive...

lan-mLMC wrote on 5/14/2020, 2:43 AM

@Frantisek-Zana What VEGAS Pro suite contains is some parts of BCC 2019.5 :

Boris FX Continuum Lights Unit (v2019.5) ;

Boris FX Continuum Key and Blend Unit (v2019.5) ;

Boris FX Continuum 3D Objects Unit (v2019.5) ;


Here is full BCC 2019.5.2 downlaod link, maybe you can give a try:


By the way, newest BCC version is 2020.5. And what you purchased is 2019.5.

Frantisek-Zana wrote on 5/14/2020, 3:06 AM

yes, im aware of the version, still it will be sufficient for my needs. :) I will try the download, thank you.

Frantisek-Zana wrote on 5/14/2020, 3:08 AM

Hm. I got also 2020.5 title studio, which i installed. Now when i try your link, it wants to uninstall the previous version........ this is mess.

lan-mLMC wrote on 5/14/2020, 3:25 AM

Hm. I got also 2020.5 title studio, which i installed. Now when i try your link, it wants to uninstall the previous version........ this is mess.

Then you have to make a choose.

Frantisek-Zana wrote on 5/14/2020, 3:30 AM

that doesnt make a sense... i bought vegas 17 Pro Suite which includes both 2019.5 continuum plugins + the title studio 2020.5 . There was no information about being not possible to use it at once :)

Reyfox wrote on 5/18/2020, 6:58 AM

I too have to admit that installing Boris FX can be complicated. I wound up buying Continuum 2020 complete for a greatly discounted price after contacting Boris. So I now have the full version perpetual.

You might try installing the Boris Title Studio (BCC 3D) plugin first and checkmark to not install unlicensed versions. Then install the other 2019 Continuum plugins and not the unlicensed one.... all this if I remember correctly how I did it initially.

Dexcon wrote on 5/18/2020, 7:34 AM

There've been many discussions over the years on the forum re different versions of BorisFX products not co-existing together - unfortunately it's one or the other. Yes, 2020.5 will first uninstall 2019.5 - in the same way that NewBlueFX Titler Pro will override and replace previous versions of Titler Pro on the computer.

Title Studio 2020.5 is better featured than 2019.5 - why the need to have 2019.5 when 2020.5 will still read what what was done in 2019.5?

steve-k wrote on 7/28/2020, 11:15 AM

Has anyone got this working? The email dosen't seem to arrive ......why are there always problems with Boris stuff?

Reyfox wrote on 7/28/2020, 12:26 PM

I have Boris Continuum 2020.5 complete. Got a real good price during Black Friday sale.

But in the past, I've gotten all the Boris and Sapphire working on my computer.

This is the email I received form BorisFX.

Use this link to download --

Note that this installer will work with all three Serials, but you will need to implement all three of them one by one.  To do this, after installing, go into the Start menu and in the All Programs/All Apps listing, and into the 'Boris FX Continuum OFX' folder - inside here the first item would be the one to prompt the Licensing tool again.  Since your Serials only cover 3 Units, I would recommend, on the final Serial's Activation, telling it 'Yes' when it asks you if you wish to Remove Unlicensed Filters.  This way, all of the Unlicensed filters/transitions of the Continuum package will not appear within your Vegas.

Stephane wrote on 7/30/2020, 2:26 PM

Has anyone got this working? The email dosen't seem to arrive ......why are there always problems with Boris stuff?

I have the same problem.

I bought Vegas pro suit 17 last Sunday (26/07/2020/. I installed the boris FX effect using the checkbox. Then i have a file which opens asking me to choose the Vegas version. I choose Vegas Pro suit, and i answered and put the serial. Then, i'm still waiting the email.


Reyfox wrote on 7/30/2020, 3:25 PM

I believe I provided the link above with instructions from Boris on how to install the effects.

As long as you have the serial number.

Stephane wrote on 8/1/2020, 4:36 AM

Yep, i tried and it works. Thank you.

I'm disappointed that there are no words, and that the official information when you install Vegas is not working.

Reyfox wrote on 8/1/2020, 5:13 AM

@Stephane no problem. I bought VP17 Suite last year and waited for the email to arrive from Boris with links and any additional information. I did email them several times, but it took almost a week to hear from them. I emailed during a long holiday weekend, so no one was able to reply.

Was I a little upset? Of course! I followed the instructions and thought that this was all automated. Simple. I get Boris email in a few moments.

But I do have to say, once I received the their email, they were prompt, apologetic, and answered every email after that within minutes. And since I already owned several Continuum Units, they offered me a perpetual license with 1 year upgrades for a price I could not resist.