Project goes into black-screen fails after a few edits

Stephen-fried wrote on 10/12/2020, 5:42 AM

I'm running version 16.0 Platinum build 175 on Win10. After a few simple edits -- cut/delete/butt-splice -- the editor fails completely and any rendering produces a black screen with no audio, which is what the cursor shows when scrubbing through the clip.If I stop soon enough, after one or two edits if I get that far, it produces a completely fine clip, but beyond that it fails inevitably. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!

I've had this a while but just got around to using it. Re-install makes no difference.



set wrote on 10/12/2020, 6:16 AM

what media are you editing and where this media coming from?

A more detailed MediaInfo data of the source may be helpful.


Also, what spec of computer are you working on?


Stephen-fried wrote on 10/12/2020, 8:26 AM

Thank you for your helpful response!

The same thing happens with all media, mp4, wmv or mov files direct from web download, camera or phone or rendered through AVC media converter into any file type, most often SONY TV H264 Movie (MP4)

My system information is shown in this screenshot.linked on my OneDrive for Business