[Release] VEGAS Pro 18 & VEGAS POST Suite

Bri-Hageman wrote on 8/3/2020, 9:31 AM

Dear Community,

We are incredibly excited to announce the release of VEGAS Pro 18 and VEGAS POST Suite! We have some exciting new features and changes, such as AI-supported editing tools in VEGAS Pro 18, pro-level Text and Titling in VEGAS Effects, a Dynamic Contrast effect in VEGAS Image, and so much more. Check out the full detailed list down below. 

As always, we value your feedback. Please let us know what you think of VP18 and VPOST Suite in our general discussion thread

VEGAS Pro 18

  • Dedicated Motion Tracking Panel
  • Tracking information for position-aware OFX plug-ins
  • Artificial intelligence: Style Transfer
  • Artificial intelligence: Colorization
  • Dockable Color Grading Panel
  • More efficient Color Grading Panel UI
  • Logarithmic exposure tool in Color Grading panel
  • Improved auto-contrast in Color Grading panel
  • Skin tone line for Vectorscope 
  • Combined RGB display for RGB Parade video scope
  • Redesigned Plug-in windows
  • Powerful plug-in search
  • Third-party plug-in filtering
  • Plug-in favorites
  • Hardware encoding for Intel HDR presets
  • Metadata-based selection of HDR IDTs
  • Support for full range colors in 8 bit projects
  • Automatic GPU driver detection
  • Auto GPU configuration for hardware acceleration
  • Video Noise reduction 
  • Flicker removal filter
  • M4V and M4A format support
  • Configurable Capture Folder for VEGAS Capture
  • Improved Video Engine performance
  • Performance and stability improvements for VEGAS Capture
  • Project location persistence
  • Exportable/importable Preferences
  • Detailed render progress dialog
  • Incremental project save
  • Event Trim handles
  • Modern Kinetic Titles and Text presets
  • Black Bar Filler filter
  • 30 unique Fonts

VEGAS Effect 2.0

  • New mask shapes allow you to create and customize Rounded Rectangle, Polygon, and Star shaped masks.
  • The new Auto Stabilizer effect provides easy smoothing of motion in handheld video clips.
  • Added a Motion Track effect, for easily attaching a timeline object to a specific element in the scene.
  • The Crop / Pan & Zoom effect allows you to crop the contents of a clip, and animate the crop to control which area is shown.
  • Added the Color Adjustment effect to allow a range of selected colors to be shifted.
  • Added the GoPro FX Reframe effect, for fully customizing the framing of your 360º footage.
  • The Text tool now allows multiple customizable outlines.
  • Added the ability to export audio using the WAV format.

VEGAS Image 2.0

  • The text system has been rebuilt from the ground up, allowing you to have different font styles within the same block of text. We’ve also added new font options including text outline, subscript, superscript, margins, and more.
  • A new integration with VEGAS Pro has been added, which allows VEGAS Pro load VEGAS Image projects. 
  • A “Healing Brush” effect has been added, which lets you quickly heal areas of your image using a source point and a brush.
  • A “Clone Stamp” effect has been added, which enables you to clone parts of your image using a brush.
  • A “Dynamic Contrast” effect has been added, which allows you to selectively apply contrast to the small, medium, and large details of your image. 
  • A “Split toning” effect has been added, with a bespoke UI, which allows you to rapidly apply two colors to the highlight and shadow tones in your image.
  • A “Gradient Map” effect has been added, which allows you to blend a gradient across the tones in your image.

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