Render halts 95%

James-Packard wrote on 3/27/2020, 2:47 PM

I am using Vegas Pro 17. I have installed it on a newer computer. It has worked great at editing, but when I hit "Render As" it runs great, but when it gets 95% the dialog says 0:00 estimated time, and the clock just keeps running in the "Elapsed time". I left it for an hour. I finally decided to "Cancel" but even after clicking yes in the pop up box, it continued to run. I finally had to invoke the Task Manager and force it to close. What is going on here?


j-v wrote on 3/27/2020, 2:58 PM

That is not normal behaviour, but to tell you more about the possible reasons you could read this:
and tell us at least what your projectproperties are , what is situated at 95 % of your project, where you render to and show us the total interface of your total loaded project with a screenshot uploaded here by this button of your comment screen.

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michael-harrison wrote on 3/29/2020, 1:55 PM

@James-Packard does it succeed after a reboot?

If no, you might also share what plugins/fx you're using. I had a similar problem with sapphire until I changed its config to use a specific gpu