Slow load times even on blank project

john-mollaghan wrote on 12/13/2016, 1:54 PM

Is there any way to speed up the time it takes for Vegas 14 Pro to launch, even to a blank project?

I am coming from Vegas 8, 32 bit which loads a LOT faster than Vegas 14,64 bit. I would have thought a 64 bit app would load quicker than 32 bit.

It is even more obvious when I load an actual project, MUCH slower to load a project in Vegas 14 than in a comparable project in Vegas 8.

Anything I can do? Anything YOU can do to speed it up? I'm on build 201.



Jam_One wrote on 12/13/2016, 3:09 PM

Abolish all OFX plugins, including the native/built-in ones, mua-ha-ha! 😈
-- It was a joke, in case somebody has hard times recognizing that.

V8 neither had built-in OFX plugins, nor did it support 3-d party ones.
The whole new story with OFX plugin architecture began with V10 revision "c".

It should take Vegas some time to either compare the plugins it sees installed to their previously saved respective "initialization logs" or to initialize the new plugins it finds & create new initialization logs for them.
I can't compare launch times to OFX-less configuration just because I jumped into the Vegas' train right at version 10c.

NickHope wrote on 12/13/2016, 8:02 PM

I did some comparative testing of project opening times of different versions of Vegas with different types of media here: