So my G9 gets 10 bit 4:2:2, since it reads my 8bit ......

D7K wrote on 11/6/2019, 9:11 AM

will it read the 10 bit 4:2:2 files? Talk about changing my way of shooting for my archival footage. Never thought about an external recorder before but certainly will now. Should I spend the $100 for V-Log L and the Waveforum Monitor?

3. Enhanced video functions (G9)

・4K 30p/25p 4:2:2 10-bit internal recording is supported.

・4K 60p/50p 4:2:2 10-bit HDMI output is supported.

・Luminance level for 10-bit video is supported.

・VFR (Variable Frame Rate) shooting is supported (FHD 2-180 fps/4K 2-60 fps).

・HDR video recording is supported.

・V-Log L recording and Waveform Monitor (WFM) are available with the Upgrade Software Key DMW-SFU1 (sold separately).


john_dennis wrote on 11/6/2019, 9:25 AM

"i7700 4200mhz 32 gig ram RX480 8 gig 500 gig SSD for render 4K screen"

Probably should budget for a system hardware upgrade about the same time.

D7K wrote on 11/6/2019, 10:32 AM

Yep, a motherboard replacement with faster CPU and Ram:) However most of my stuff is very short and the current system works ok for me as purely a hobbyist. I wonder if my liquid cooling would work with the larger processors or if I'd have to change that also. Don't like to change out that often as I use a lot of programs that have to be deactivated, reinstalled. Probably at least a year away. I don't list it but I all ready have 14 TB's of fast spinners.

fr0sty wrote on 11/6/2019, 1:02 PM

Buying the VLOG upgrade for my GH5 and S1's was definitely worth it. You get the most dynamic range from your sensor, which makes a big difference when coloring, even if HDR isn't your target format.

TheDingo wrote on 11/8/2019, 12:03 PM

Should be fine. Panasonic 4K 10-bit 4:2:2 is not a strain on most systems, but any of the h.265 ( HEVC ) profiles could be very slow going. ( I avoid h.265 when I can )

NOTE: Any version of Vegas Pro lower than version 15 will NOT be able to read your 10-bit video files.

D7K wrote on 11/8/2019, 12:38 PM

Dingo, on 17.

fr0sty wrote on 11/8/2019, 2:07 PM

10 bit vlog video definitely decodes slower in Vegas, I proxy any multicam stuff I do in 10 bit, but the added color and dynamic range is worth it.

Wolfgang S. wrote on 11/8/2019, 3:50 PM

Oh it is some stress for the systems - especially if you use the 32bit floating point mode and an ACES workflow.

Reyfox wrote on 11/10/2019, 12:39 PM

Thanks for starting this thread. I too and looking forward to the firmware update for the Pana G9. It's like getting a new camera for Christmas.

fr0sty wrote on 11/10/2019, 12:42 PM

Owners of the GH5 and GH5s also get improved auto focus among other things with their firmware that drops on the 19th, and us S1 owners get improved VLOG, a bug where some shades of blue oversaturate has been addressed, among other improvements.