[SOLVED!] MP3 and MOV problems with MAGIX Vegas, not SONY Vegas

tricoos wrote on 6/29/2019, 8:15 AM

These are well-known problems (when I searched online) and I spent some hours trying to solve it and I did!

In MAGIX Vegas Pro 14 & 16 (I do not own 15) I:
- could not open a MOV file with alpha transparency (video effects!)
- could not use MP3 files as they are played way too fast (screeching MP3)
- could not render as MP3 file as the complete MP3 format was not available for rendering at all

It worked perfectly in SONY Vegas Pro 13.

I even reinstalled both Vegas Pro 13 and 16 after uninstalling all three versions and the problems were still there - I even installed 13 *after* 16 again.

The reason for this is that for MP3 files Vegas used mcplug2.dll instead of the correct mp3plug2.dll and there is no way to change this manually. For MOV files I actually do not know the reason yet.

I found these files and had a look at them:
%APPDATA%\..\Local\Sony\VEGAS Pro\13.0\FFCache_x64_1031.ini
%APPDATA%\..\Local\VEGAS Pro\16.0\FFCache_x64_1031.ini

Unfortunately though I found some differences which might explain the problems trying to fix them by editing the V16 file did not help.

So after this did not help I tried this:
- closed all running Vegas Processes (also FileSurrogate I/O if it's still running - see the Task Manager)
- renamed the directory %APPDATA%\..\Local\VEGAS Pro\16.0 to %APPDATA%\..\Local\VEGAS Pro\16.0.old
- launched Vegas Pro 16 again

This solved the problems completely and almost a year after I purchased the software! Yay!

When I first rendered an MP3 file - which is now also possible with Vegas Pro 16 - it had to activate the codec but now it works like a charm. I hope this will not cause any other problems but so far I haven't found any. If it will I will post it here.

Just wanted to post this solution as there seems to be none online anywhere :)

Happy rendering!



Enjinre wrote on 12/4/2020, 10:54 AM

Hit the same problem after installing Vegas 18. Forcing Vegas to recreate the local appdata files fixed the problem.

set wrote on 12/4/2020, 6:41 PM

Thanks for sharing! - useful info regarding to MP3 issues.

RonB_USA wrote on 12/8/2020, 5:38 PM

tricoos and Enjinre and others:

Could you all please send more details on how to fix this problem? Thanks. Apparently this has happened to many VEGAS editors over many years. Almost all of my projects include mp3, so that affects almost ALL of my projects, old and new. YouTube has many videos on how to fix it but none seem to be about VEGAS Pro 18, Build 373. I'm awaiting your expertise.


COMMENT UPDATE: I did a full reset of VP18-373, but the audio is still high-pitched scrambled for every video project that I checked. Tomorrow I'll probably do a complete Reset of Windows 10 unless I hear other ideas. Comments are welcomed. Thanks.

FINAL COMMENT (SOLVED): I did the FREE Windows 10 (Professional) Reset and it solved the VEGAS Pro 18, Build 373, problem of MP3 files not playing correctly. I was careful to delete the Windows.old folder and disconnected my other HDD drives before resetting Windows. My computer has three (motherboard M.2) SSD drives in addition to those HDDs. But some residue from past experiences might have been on those HDDs, so I disconnected them before resetting the PC. Happy Camper!

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VEGAS Pro 18 Suite (Aug 10, 2020) and Windows 10 Pro. Most source footage is XAVC-S 4K.

Intel i9-10920X 12 Core 24 Thread, ASUS PRIME X299-A II motherboard (3.7GHz), Quadro RTX-4000 8GB GPU, 64GB DDR4 RAM, Two M.2 2TB SSD + several TB of HDD