[SOLVED!] MP3 and MOV problems with MAGIX Vegas, not SONY Vegas

tricoos wrote on 6/29/2019, 8:15 AM

These are well-known problems (when I searched online) and I spent some hours trying to solve it and I did!

In MAGIX Vegas Pro 14 & 16 (I do not own 15) I:
- could not open a MOV file with alpha transparency (video effects!)
- could not use MP3 files as they are played way too fast (screeching MP3)
- could not render as MP3 file as the complete MP3 format was not available for rendering at all

It worked perfectly in SONY Vegas Pro 13.

I even reinstalled both Vegas Pro 13 and 16 after uninstalling all three versions and the problems were still there - I even installed 13 *after* 16 again.

The reason for this is that for MP3 files Vegas used mcplug2.dll instead of the correct mp3plug2.dll and there is no way to change this manually. For MOV files I actually do not know the reason yet.

I found these files and had a look at them:
%APPDATA%\..\Local\Sony\VEGAS Pro\13.0\FFCache_x64_1031.ini
%APPDATA%\..\Local\VEGAS Pro\16.0\FFCache_x64_1031.ini

Unfortunately though I found some differences which might explain the problems trying to fix them by editing the V16 file did not help.

So after this did not help I tried this:
- closed all running Vegas Processes (also FileSurrogate I/O if it's still running - see the Task Manager)
- renamed the directory %APPDATA%\..\Local\VEGAS Pro\16.0 to %APPDATA%\..\Local\VEGAS Pro\16.0.old
- launched Vegas Pro 16 again

This solved the problems completely and almost a year after I purchased the software! Yay!

When I first rendered an MP3 file - which is now also possible with Vegas Pro 16 - it had to activate the codec but now it works like a charm. I hope this will not cause any other problems but so far I haven't found any. If it will I will post it here.

Just wanted to post this solution as there seems to be none online anywhere :)

Happy rendering!



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