SOUND FORGE Pro 11 with free upgrade to SOUND FORGE Pro 12

NickHope wrote on 2/14/2018, 11:35 PM

Off-topic but posting here where it's still most likely to reach those interested.

MAGIX are currently offering a free upgrade to SOUND FORGE Pro 12 when it's released if you buy SOUND FORGE Pro 11 before 28th February, or upgrade to it before 18th February (only 3 days from now).

See (or your territory's version of that URL)

Also posted on the official Sound Forge PC forum, which would be the best place to discuss the details.

Thanks to @wjauch for the heads up.


Grazie wrote on 2/15/2018, 1:37 AM

@ Nick Hope : Erm, is there a comparison chart comparing SF11 to SF12? What would I be getting over and above?

NickHope wrote on 2/15/2018, 3:40 AM

I don't think we have any idea yet. There was a wishlist thread last year.

I think if you're buying from scratch, or you're on an old version and intending to upgrade, then this seems like a pretty good idea since you can get started immediately and you'll have SF11 to fall back on if there are issues with SF12. I guess it might even double the number of seats you'd be able to run SF on (of one version or the other). But the legality of that depends on the license terms.

Dexcon wrote on 2/15/2018, 4:45 AM

is there a comparison chart comparing SF11 to SF12?

The link provided by the OP has a teaser about SF12:

SOUND FORGE Pro 12. Coming soon. The new generation of SOUND FORGE Pro will be released in Spring 2018 and we can promise you one thing: the new version is more powerful than ever before.

Highlights in SOUND FORGE Pro 12:

  • A powerful 64-bit version
  • Full VST3 support
  • Includes new professional effects including from Sequoia
  • High-quality dithering with POW-r algorithms
  • Wave Hammer 2.0
  • and much more...

EDIT: If you're taking advantage of this offer, take into account that the link has the Euro price of E199.00, whereas the US cost on Magix's website is $USD199.95. If you're buying in another currency, be cautious about what the conversion rate is and which currency is best for you. In my case, Buying in Euro is 20% more expensive that buying in USD in my local currency (no local taxes taken into account). Current Euro/USD exchange rate is E1.00 - $USD1.25, yet Magix's upgrade price in either currency is virtually identical - the Euro price really should be 20% lower than the USD price IMO.

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