Stability of Vegas Pro 19


MatthewJohn wrote on 8/4/2022, 11:42 AM

@MatthewJohn you are on VP17. Have you tried a trial version of VP19 yet?

As for the topic of crashes, Premiere crashes, Resolve crashes, every editing software crashes. Read their forums and you will see almost a mirror with complaints. What you don't read often, are the people who just edit. They rarely say anything.

This doesn't justify VP or any software crashing, but it's the way it is.

VP20 is around the corner, download a trial version, dump one of your projects on it (but if you save, give it an entirely different name because you will not be able to open it in VP17 if you 'Save' over it), edit and see how it works on your computer.


@Reyfox, You are on point. I've been in the biz for over 15 years, and I've never posted a thing about this stuff -- no time. And you're right, they all crash, but Vegas seems to crash a bit more than Premiere (I haven't used Resolve). I just like using Vegas, as I'm a recording and mixing engineer mostly and although I don't use Vegas for that, it works a lot like a typical DAW. It's so intuitive, at least to me. I really like the work flow. Crashes aside, I can do, for example, a professional video in Vegas in easily half the time it would take in Premiere (and I know Premiere well and have used it for many jobs). I don't think I've ever opened the manual or looked up how to do something in Vegas -- I can just figure it out. Not the case with Premiere at all! What do you think? The only reason I'll use any other editor besides Vegas is when I'm collaborating with someone -- Premiere is just more commonly used. I'm happy that Magix picked it up from Sony and is developing it well. I'll probably pick up v19 (and 20) and keep my fingers crossed.

Reyfox wrote on 8/4/2022, 1:44 PM

@MatthewJohn, I came to Vegas after trying the Humble Bundle of Vegas 14. I've been editing since 1990. And at no point when NLE's became more popular did I ever consider Vegas. It had an ugly UI to me and looked to confusing. When the Humble Bundle offer of $25 for VP14 and some other software came, I figured why not. I worked with it for 2 weeks and loved it. I bought VP15 Suite and updated every year.

I had a friend who was using another editor at the time. He was having problems with green screen. He sent me an image to see what I could do. I've never done greenscreen in my life, but with Vegas, in 2 minutes I sent him back the image. He had VP16 sitting on his computer for a long time. After seeing the image and having a hour session with him, he too became a Vegas user. He bought Continuum Complete, Mocha Pro and was off and running.

I refuse to be held hostage with continual payments for software I will never own. I do own Resolve 18 Studio. It's nice, but for me, I enjoy editing with Vegas.

Wait for the release of VP20 and give the trial a go. If it's not your cup of tea, you still have Premiere.

daniel-t wrote on 8/4/2022, 2:38 PM

As far as generalized software stability goes, I find 19 to be quite stable. Note that I’m working with stills and not video media (which can be a whole other can of worms), but my projects are complex with dozens of overlayed tracks, hundreds of media files and effects on the timeline, and many hundreds of key frames being worked on for hours at a time… and really, it handles it all far better than I would’ve expected.

I’ve basically only noticed two things: 1) it sometimes doesn’t launch the first time on Windows 11 (although that’s not as frequent as it used to be), and 2) I have had some soft-crashes when trying to UNDO (not especially frequently though - maybe one every 35-50 hours of work). It throws up an error about a problem having occurred, to save my file and restart. I can do that and everything’s fine, but if I try to do anything else it will lock up hard.

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MatthewJohn wrote on 8/4/2022, 8:18 PM

@Reyfox, Yes, I think I'll upgrade as I've got a bunch of projects coming up. I'm really excited about the stability improvements that I'm hearing about (thanks, too, @daniel-t, for the info). I really can't bare the thought of doing these next projects in Premiere (boring!). I'll report back when I get going on the projects in Vegas 19 or 20.

pierre-k wrote on 8/5/2022, 8:31 AM

I also have to comment on the topic of stability.

I didn't believe it, but Vegas is greatly affected by various updates from Microsoft and the installation of other products. I struggled for years with the fact that since version 17 I didn't have a gtx970 in I/O. I had to change the internal settings. In the last update Vp19 gtx970 was not functional at all. The overall playback on the timeline gradually worsened and no one knew why.

Solution? Clean install win10 21h2.

The GTX970 is functional again and the overall playback in the timeline has improved. From now on, I will keep an eye on which updates and programs Vegas doesn't like.