xberk wrote on 9/27/2016, 6:47 PM

Need more specifics.  Can't reproduce the problem unless you give us, at least, the render template spec. 

Even then it is more likely some media within your project that Vegas doesn't like.  Can you render the first 30% of the timeline without a problem?  Can you render the balance of the timeline after the 33% mark?  In other words, can you narrow down the specific media that is crashing?  Very often the problem comes down to specific media.

Deadeye wrote on 9/27/2016, 7:40 PM

This last time it failed the error report refered to bcc 3D graphics plug in stopped. 

NickHope wrote on 9/27/2016, 9:32 PM

Submit a support request at , including as much detailed information about the problem as you can. If your problem involves a crash that generates a "Problem Report" window, place a check in the box to "Show problem details", then hold down <CTRL> and <SHIFT> on your keyboard while clicking "Send". The details will be zipped to your hard drive with the name Click "Show file in Explorer". When you receive an email acknowledgment of your support request from MAGIX Support, reply to it and attach the file.

mbarton wrote on 9/27/2016, 10:07 PM

I just had this the other day rendering 1h15min of AVC 1080p video (from Mercali V4 standalone medium quality mp4 output) to the mainConcept Internet 480p widescreen mp4 file.  It would fail once at 33% and the next time at 93%.  I did what I had to with VP13, which is turn off the GPU on the Video tab under preferences and it rendered out fine.  My GPU was still used for some things as it had 20-30% utilization.  My GPU is an Nvidia GTX970, which should not work with MainConcept anyway as it is too new.  So in this case, things worked out if I go through the settings and get them back to my VP13 optimized settings for my workflow.

Alex_Madrid wrote on 9/28/2016, 12:08 AM

Don't really want to jump on the "negativity" bus, but this is actually the first version of Vegas that I myself have ever had an issue with.  Vegas crashes trying to open any of my VP13 projects.  32 gigs in my system and I get an Out of Memory warning in about 15 seconds and my system shuts down vegas.  Also happens with a new VP14 project, and then importing mutiple avchd files that have worked just fine in VP13.  Watched in my resource montior to verify that this is happening as I add media files to project media.  A couple of times my whole system crashed and rebooted.  I dont get an option to send an error report or even copy info from a window.  So if someone can point me to the location of a debug of error report, that would be helpful.  Dug around a bit but I come up with nothing. 

Just downloaded and installed VP14 tonight, only a few hours into this, so I may be jumping in here too quick.

I also cant find where I check/update my system stats and details in this version of the forum.

This is what I am seeing: