Vegas 6 reliability

CDM wrote on 4/18/2005, 7:03 AM
Hey All -
Hope you enjoy the new Vegas. I've been beta-testing this for a few months now and I can say, having been using it for 8 hrs a day for both video and audio, that it is very solid and I haven't had a single crash. The new nestable .veg projects are a lifesaver and the tape scrub is awesome. Tons of cool stuff in there! I know it doesn't have all the audio bells and whistles that a lot of people wanted, but it's a solid upgrade and worth the price, IMO.


If you have any questions about any of the new features, don't hesitate to ask either via email or this Forum. When you use a program like this as much as I do, you're bound to know shortcuts and secrets that aren't readily evident. :-)


stopint wrote on 4/18/2005, 7:36 AM
oh grand ... i just upgraded to vegas 5 last week ... did not see any of the hype on 6 like i saw on sf 8 ... i would have waited and just gone to vegas 6... what timing !!!

MrPhil wrote on 4/18/2005, 7:59 AM
CDM: You work for SONY, right?
CDM wrote on 4/18/2005, 8:31 AM
No, I don't work for Sony, though sometimes I feel like I do and should be paid for all the work I do trying to make the releases bug-free. Did I get all the things I wanted from Vegas 6? Absolutely not, but I have to pick my battles. I know I'm going to be using this software as my main tool until I can't anymore, so if I know I'm not going to get one feature, I'll push to get a lot of other little things, or at least get workflow enhancements that mean a lot to my time-saving interests. I still think Vegas is a world above any other for what I do, so I'm going to promote it like hell when I can.

I'm also just in a good mood today.
:) Sorry if you don't like my pro-Sony vibe.
H2000 wrote on 4/18/2005, 8:49 AM
"Tons of cool stuff in there! I know it doesn't have all the audio bells and whistles that a lot of people wanted, but it's a solid upgrade and worth the price"

I'm not looking for bells and whistles - just some basic upgrades to it's functionality!

Thanks for VST effects. That's the only real useful requested audio upgrade, and not really worth the price. The f*cked up audio routing which was changed in V5 was not fixed! I still haven't been able to get ANY explaination for this from SONY. My "professional" audio tool requires me to use a pan plugin to pan send to a bus. It's laughable.

I would like to know what drugs the developers are taking when they tall us things like:

SonyEPM :
"YES there will some cool stuff for the "pure audio" types"

-what VST. yes that's cool, where's the rest of the stuff.

SonyPCH :
"Vegas is far from a dead end as far as audio centric users go"

-prove it! It's certainly not evident from this update.

"Does not having ReWire Mixer support or ASIO Direct Monitoring , or some other feature prevent work from getting done? The type of work that Vegas has always allowed and intended to be done?"

"We never stand still."

-these two statements are where the drugs really kick in! Guys still do complete tracks on standalone sequencers. Does that make it better? What point was that. One statement is an excuse for standing still, the next says it's not true?

"I think you will all be pleased with the next release of Vegas."

-When you said you were throwing up your hands because you really don't know what Vegas Audio users want, I assumed you were being sarcastic. But, apparently not.

BTW: The other 3 audio features in the list (ignore fact chunk...,playhead tape scrubbing, and BWF support) are the audio features that the Video users have requested for a while now. (I know a few people here have asked, but it's mostly a video compatibility issue).
SonyIMC wrote on 4/18/2005, 9:00 AM
Download the trial and check it out. The trial is good for 30 days and is fully functional exept rendering or reading from formats that require a license to use.
MrPhil wrote on 4/18/2005, 9:13 AM
CDM: It's OK to have your opinion.
I myself am really glad that my decision a while back to upgrade my Soundscape to a REd32 is still the right one for me.
The Vegas4 system I'm currently mixing in works for just that: mixing.
But when it comes to recording it just won't be a pro audio tool even with version 6.
So it is totally sealed for my part: I'm changing platform back to Soundscape only, although it will cost me a lot more bucks.
At least I will have a system that is working properly and professionally.
To the rest of the users I say good luck, without any sarcasm or irony.

"Vegas is what it is."
CDM wrote on 4/18/2005, 9:50 AM
I agree with you about a lot of fundamental things that Vegas SHOULD have and SHOULD have fixed. I'm still saying that, for me, and I think for many others, even without those additions/fixes, there's still some very useful stuff in Vegas 6 and it seems very stable to me.

CDM wrote on 4/18/2005, 9:53 AM
oh, and I forgot to add that Media Manager alone is an awesome addition. It's an extremely powerful thing to have in Vegas.
Weevil wrote on 4/18/2005, 10:29 AM
Vegas is dead as far as audio people are concerned.

All we can do now is lobby for changes to ACID.

Sony have proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that they don’t care about their Vegas audio users.

Waiting a full year for this is a joke.
H2000 wrote on 4/18/2005, 10:35 AM
I've felt like it was going this way for a while, but what I don't get is why SONY even bothers to make "false hope" posts in these forums.
randygo wrote on 4/18/2005, 11:01 AM
It is a major disappointment to see no audio improvements in this release. VST is nice, but I'm already doing that with Directixer. How can I justify $200 on this upgrade. Maybe with Vegas 7 Sony can address some of the audio shortcomings.

Or, they need to implement the audio track features of Vegas into Acid, that would be acceptable to me.

Sony is so close to having it right for the audio users but they are driving us away!

I love Vegas, but this is heartbreaking.

There appears to be nothing worth $200 in this upgrade for me. I think I would be better off investing that cash into another license like Live, Tracktion, or Audition to add to the audio toolkit.

H2000 wrote on 4/18/2005, 11:04 AM
It's true, anyone who has been using Vegas for audio for any length of time probably already has some sort of VST wrapper.

So, I guess it's really just a kick in the n*ts!
randygo wrote on 4/18/2005, 11:11 AM

I heard they have fixed the infamous "metronome bug".

Maybe that is worth $200 to someone.

That fix really belongs in a Vegas 5 point release.

drbam wrote on 4/18/2005, 11:16 AM
I think its been clear for quite sometime where Vegas is focused. Its just hard for us audio folks to accept it – at least it is for me. The current Vegas 6 marketing lists _Video_ first and clearly the majority of the marketing hype is video highlighted. I may be missing something but on the new feature list it appears that there are only 2 that directly apply to audio?? Broadcast Wave and VST. Project nesting serves both video and audio so I don't consider that an audio feature. Am I missing some others?

I'm so damned dependent on Vegas's editing power that I haven't found the motivation or the energy to move to something else. Oh well. . .

H2000 wrote on 4/18/2005, 11:26 AM
Broadcast Wave is an "audio and video" feature also (and in some cases it is actually more of a video feature)
Ben  wrote on 4/18/2005, 11:31 AM
Gotta concur with all of the above. Heart-breaking is a good description. Exceedingly disappointed here.

To add insult to injury, of course the VST support was actually developed for ACID, and has since been ported to Forge, and now Vegas. So actually we don't have a single audio-only feature that's been written for this release. Like someone else said, I don't really count things like BWF support and AAF or whatever as bullet point features. So really, no new audio features for Vegas at all! Really shocking.

So we wait a year, and on the audio side we get... tada... VST support! Btw, the implementation of even that doesn't seem right to me - can anyone get presets to work as you'd expect them to? I think I'll still be using the Cakewalk wrapper for VSTs in Vegas 5.

As has also been mentioned, no fix of the really important problem in routing panned tracks to FX busses. What a mess. This is a major flaw that was 'introduced' in Vegas 5. I was also expecting moderately simple things such as finally being able to send to an aux from a bus - that'd be nice. Plus perhaps basic track grouping functions. Or even folder tracks as in ACID 5. I think the Project Nesting feature could have been pretty exciting if it had been as I'd imagined - actually being able to access other projects' tracks within your current veg. As it is I'm pretty under whelmed by that too.

If it's any consolation at all guys - and it doesn't really feel like much of one to me - I don't really see any major or exciting new features on the video side either. The video forum doesn't seem to be jumping for joy. This feels very much like a x.5 release to me - consolidation of existing features, new file formats, etc; it really doesn't contain things that are going to set the audio or video world alight, in my opinion.

Like everyone else here, I was quietly hoping we'd get <something>. VST support was a given.

Rednroll wrote on 4/18/2005, 12:30 PM
deleted by moderator
drbam wrote on 4/18/2005, 12:57 PM
I just received an email from VASST Training (as some of the rest you no doubt did) announcing 4 new plugins for Vegas. 3 video and 1 audio. The symbolism (and timing) of this pretty much supports and confirms the criticisms of this thread . . .have a nice day.

Ben  wrote on 4/18/2005, 1:03 PM
I think the irony is that Sony could pretty much shut most of us up simply by fixing the mixer problems and resolving a couple of issues there, and then simply adding ReWire host support. After that I think we'd be happy with upgrades as small as this for a couple of years to come.

Weevil wrote on 4/18/2005, 1:17 PM
Yeah, rewire is the key. A massive amount of our problems would be solved with rewire.

They do not give a stuff about our problems.
Ben  wrote on 4/18/2005, 1:51 PM
>> They do not give a stuff about our problems <<

Seems so. I too am sick from the BS from Sony reps in these forums, which H2000 reminded us of, implying we'd be looked after and happy with this release. I think an honest statement from them, one way or the other, would be the only really fair thing at this point.

You also gotta wonder what the coders on the audio side of Vegas have been doing for the best part of a year!

Does else find any scrub tools pretty much a waste of time anyway with digital media, however well they're implemented?


Rednroll wrote on 4/18/2005, 1:55 PM
deleted by moderator
Ben  wrote on 4/18/2005, 2:20 PM
Hmmm, does seem likely.

PipelineAudio wrote on 4/18/2005, 3:24 PM
"1. VST plugin support"

I have to disagree on this one. The difference between buginess and performance from Vegas 6 native VST and V whatever else with the available wrappers is staggering. Then again, this was a feature that should have been in there since Vegas 2.
"2. Nested projects-"

This is actually helping me somewhat, the problem is you cant right click the nested file and create a copy there so that if you change the original ytou can always go back. There are workarounds, but that sure would help

"5. Tape head scrubbing"

No doubt!

"6. Media Manager"

Like you, I have no idea what the buzz is about, except for drum samples sometimes, Im not going to keep every customers project on my drive for very long at all, and I dont use many "canned" sounds so what does this thing do?