Vegas Content gives me copyright claim on YouTube


jaycee88 wrote on 7/18/2022, 3:09 AM

Here is language supplied to us directly from Storyblocks that you can use to dispute your copyright strike with YouTube:

Suggested Language for In-Platform Copyright Disputes: 

Please release this copyright claim as I have acquired this audio content from MAGIX (a Storyblocks API Partner) legitimately. Please find attached the End User License Agreement between Storyblocks and MAGIX end users that outlines my license to use this material. Please reach out to my Storyblocks Account Manager, Shelby Wolford, at if you have any questions. 

Thank you for this.

I'm having a little issue and i was wondering if someone could please help me. I have this video where believe music are claiming the song. I used your quote and they rejected the claim.


This is the song i downloaded -

which is very similar to this - Leonardo LOcatelli une larme. Could it be that stroyblocks/magix does not have the right and someone illegally publised it or do i need to get an actual licence.

Can I contact storyblocks directly even though I do not have a sub with them? or what can i do please? I do not want to get a copyright strike.

The Copyright owners

"Believe Music"

On behalf of: Classical Tunes / Leonardo LOcatelli

todd-b wrote on 7/18/2022, 6:17 AM

This is their own dispute form