David_Kuznicki wrote on 5/6/2004, 7:24 AM
Although I still haven't bought the Vegas upgrade yet...
I still use Acid Music 3.0, and I have an old copy of Acid Pro 2.0 (yikes... remind me to upgrade it soon!) on the other machine.

drbam wrote on 5/6/2004, 7:33 AM
I own Vegas, Sound Forge, Acid and CDA5. I use Vegas and SF all the time - they are my primary apps. I haven't opened Acid in months and rarely use CDA.

(Byron Metcalf)
cosmo wrote on 5/6/2004, 7:50 AM
I am a Vegas and an ACID user. Less of an ACID user this year though...

I use ACID for it's simplicity and speed of use. If Vegas had Rewire, I'd use it more. For my real tracks though I still use Reason Rewired to Cubase, than I mix in Vegas. I like the Vegas interface for final mixing. ACID is more of an idea generator for me.
kbruff wrote on 5/6/2004, 8:08 AM
I use Sound Forge 7.0a / Vegas 4.0 / CDA5 and ACID on a Daily Basis.

These edits are with regard to the correction mentioned by Rednroll...


(01) I use ACID because it is easy to import and create loops
(02) Effects automation
(03) Tempo change
(04) Effects chainer
(05) Render loops
(06) Work with SF easy
(07) Running multiple instances of VST's is easy to do
(08) Graphical Interface
(09) Custimized fading
(10) It was very affordable

The reasons why I dont use Acid - which is when I am using Cubase or FL Studio 4.5.2

(01) It is hard to have multiple file types and processes occur at once

--- For example in Cubase you can have all sorts of channels being dubbed / overdubbed and so forth simultaneously.

-- Well that is where Vegas comes into play.

Good day,
bnjenter wrote on 5/6/2004, 8:26 AM
I own Vegas 5 + DVDA2, Found Forge 7, CDA 5, and Acid 4.

I use Sound Forge daily, Vegas several times a week along with DVDA 2, CDA 5 several times a week, but I am considering moving to Vegas for this work, and Acid when I need special music for backgrounds. I also use Acid occasionally to create music for PowerPoint presentations.

Since CDA 5 seems to be at a stand still, I'd like to see its capabilities moved into Sound Forge. I really think this makes better sense than using Vegas's Red Book capabilities. The interfaces of CDA and SF are a better match.
Chienworks wrote on 5/6/2004, 8:45 AM
Vegas 5 and Acid Pro 4 here. Also Sound Forge 7, DVDA 2, Viscosity 1.5, Siren 2.0, etc.

Vegas is usually running on one of my computers nearly any time of day or night. I use it more often than almost all other software combined except a web browser.

ACID is a different matter. If it weren't for the cross-grade and upgrade discounts i probably would never have gotten it. I play with it now and then when i'm in the mood, but since i'm primarily a media editor rather than a media creator, i really don't have much use for it. I would never use ACID for audio editing since i've got Vegas and Sound Forge.
Rednroll wrote on 5/6/2004, 8:49 AM
Sorry, but I'ld like to point out, most of you missed the "why or why not?" part of the question. "Why?" I think that may be the more important part he's looking for if you own both,like what can't you do in Vegas, that you also need to have Acid? "Why not?" would be the important part if you don't own Acid, so like, " I don't need Acid because I can already do A,B, and C in Vegas."

Top 10 reasons "why" I own Acid along with Vegas.....drum roll Paul!!!!

10. For the ease of use of the pencil tool tool by drawing loops at a measure start point that corresponds to my midi tracks.

9. To increase the sound modules I have available through VSTi

8. To have the ability to do tempo and key changes within the same project

7. To have a master key signature and tempo and be able to quickly audition different keysig/tempos at the click of one button..

6. To easily take previously recorded tracks and create uptempo dance remixes.

5. To sync other rewire compatible apps like reason to a host.

4. To import a mixed song and audition a tempo increase that corresponds to BPM to see if I prefer the song at a different tempo.

3. I'm addicted to having ALL the Sony apps, and if I didn't have it I would feel a void in my life

2. To take up some of that extra hard drive space I've got laying around.

And....the number one reason to have Acid as well as Vegas......

1. Trips to Vegas are always better when using ACID
Drey wrote on 5/6/2004, 9:10 AM
I own Vegas but don't own ACID. I have considered getting ACID many times but haven't.

Why not? Because I want to use only Vegas to do all of my creating, producing, tracking, and mixing. I don't want to jump back and forth between apps.
TorS wrote on 5/6/2004, 9:25 AM
I own Vegas 4 + DVD. I will upgrade before the end of May - and have got Windows XP pro for that purpose, but have not installed it yet.

I am considering Acid as my future music tool (alongside Finale) but I do not yet own it.

I have been using Pinnacle Project Studio (at least, Peter knows what it is) but my ISA slot MB broke down. That's why I consider different options.

The things that pulls me toward Acid are:
- it's in the Vegas Sound Forge family.
- it has midi/piano roll editing (to a degree).
- loop based music could be interesting.

The things that hold me back - apart from the fact that I must find the money:
- loop based music is alien to me.
- I'm used to creating voices in midi, and recording them separately to Vegas, mixing them there. Why change that scheeme.

Bottom line: I don't know enough about Acid and the stuff you put out about it seems to be written for (and by) persons who does not live on the same planet as me.
sstillwell wrote on 5/6/2004, 10:47 AM
I have Vegas 5 and Acid 3 Pro (Also Sound Forge 5, but you didn't ask... :) ).

I bought Acid as a songwriting tool, but haven't used it much recently. Vegas and Sound Forge get all the use around here.
bgc wrote on 5/6/2004, 10:56 AM
I use both Acid and Vegas all the time.

I used Acid because it is a very (and I hate to use the term) "musical" tool that quickly helps me solidify my loop-based ideas. I think of it as an instrument/synthesizer/recording tool.
I use Vegas for hardcore overdubbing, recording, and serious mixing and arranging - to create the final product.

H2000 wrote on 5/6/2004, 3:11 PM
I own Vegas and use Acid Pro4 for creation, composition, and initial arranging.

Why?: Simply because there is nothing else faster and less intrusive for creating music! I record my own loops and one shots, and often add drum or percussion loops. I use live instruments and many soft synths and samplers. I'm not a MIDI guy, but as a composer who plays many instruments and needs to get ideas down quickly, there is nothing else even close to ACID.

But, ACID sucks for recording vocals! And forget about any live drums. So, I must go through the tedious process of exporting and recreating songs in Vegas so that I can use that for vocals, drums, and mixing. And for that, there is absolutely nothing faster or less intrusive than Vegas. Now, If only there was an easier way to transfer....
RiRo wrote on 5/6/2004, 3:35 PM
I own Sound Forge, Vegas, CDA, DVDA, NR 2.0, AcidMusic.

I don't use Acid. I thought it would be a cool app to create quick radio commercial backgrounds, but I later realized, hey, if it was that easy, everyfreakinbody would be doing it. So I did what everyfreakinbody does... I bought a music library. That sounds like someone did it in acid...

I would like to learn acid and use it to change or add to the music to keep it fresh and sounding different... but I will prolly just buy the next version of the music library...

I use everything else, but DVDA and CDA are not getting much use.... Nero and all...

Geoff_Wood wrote on 5/6/2004, 4:58 PM
I bougtht Acid because it was offered cheap. One of those things I mean to get around to learning to use at some stage.

doctorfish wrote on 5/6/2004, 9:13 PM
I own both Vegas and Acid Pro 4.

For projects in which everything is recorded, I'll use Vegas mostly but even so I'll use Acid to add loops and extra sounds from midi and vsti that I can't do in Vegas. Also for any songs that have tempo changes I'll make a click track in Acid since the Vegas metronome still lacks the ability to change tempo. For these projects too I'll often work up a quick demo in Acid to test different tempos, rhythms and such.

I use Acid for those projects in which there is no drummer available (which is most of them) or in which all the music is created with loops, midi, and vsti. For mixing these projects go two ways. Sometimes I keep even the recored things like guitar and vocals loop based and therefore use Acid for recording and mixing the whole thing. When I want to do a lot more with the guitars and vocals I'll bouce all the Acid tracks out and put them in a Vegas project in which I'll add the recording and do the mixing.

I have also used Acid with video to create a demo score for a video game. The ideas and rhythms were done in Acid and then bounced out to Vegas for more recording and mixing. This work flow worked quite well.

I master and edit individual files from Acid and Vegas in Sound Forge.

I use CD-Architect to burn Cd's and even do the master and burn at once sometimes. This way I have both Vegas and CD-A open at the same time and as I'm working on the CD layout and tweaking in CD-A, I can go back to Vegas and re-render something if I want and it comes up immediately in CD-A.

I know I could have two Vegas projects open at once but Vegas seems to work much better with ASIO drivers on my system so I don't do this.


jardeano wrote on 5/7/2004, 4:25 AM
IMHO,, As a music production tool Acid is by far the most intuitive software program out there... most of my productions originate in Acid.... Vegas is also a unique software program but I still have'nt found myself using vegas for music production, Vegas's competitors offer alot more ,,that is concerning music composition,, As for video work,, Vegas stands in its own class.. I enjoy working in vegas ,That sonic foundry architecture is extremely addictive,,,,, My dream tool would be Acid re-wired into vegas....
stakeoutstudios wrote on 5/8/2004, 12:52 PM
ACID's not really useful to me personally until it's re-wired into Vegas, it would simply not work well in my workflow.
cheroxy wrote on 5/8/2004, 5:37 PM
I own Vegas 5 and do NOT use Acid.
because all I want that Vegas can not do is something that has VST/Midi composition capabilities.

Since Acid pro is so much $$$ I just use either my $75 cakewalk/sonar home version or my friends CHEAP mac garageband.

If Screenblast acid had VST/Midi it would satisfy my one acid dream!
zemlin wrote on 5/8/2004, 6:53 PM
I have Vegas 4 - I doubt I will upgrade to 5
I don't own Acid

My primary audio application is Adobe Audition, but I prefer Vegas for tracking. I use Vegas to track and for the initial edit and then transfer everything to AA for the rest of the project.

I wish AA had Vegas' envelope editing tools. Other than that I prefer AA's interface, the integrated WAV editor, and effects. V1.5 (due out next week) has rewire too - for those who are interested - but it doesn't have ASIO.
Cold wrote on 5/8/2004, 7:20 PM
Run vegas but not acid. Bought a copy of acid music at one point and played with it for a while, but for serious work I tend to be more organic, if the part loops, play all of them, edit as needed, god is in the details.
Steve S.
JohnnyRoy wrote on 5/9/2004, 8:54 AM
I own Vegas 5+DVD and I bought ACID Pro 4.0 primarily for MIDI/VSTi soft synth support and loop based composition which I couldn’t do in Vegas. Even though Vegas 5 supports loop properties, it’s not as capable as owning ACID. I also own Sound Forge 5.

BTW, since Sony creates multiple tools to do what others do in one tool (i.e., Sonar, Cubase, etc.) it would be nice if you gave Sony customers discounts across the product line. I know as a Vegas customer I get discounts on Vegas upgrades but I had to evaluate whether to buy ACID or Sonar or Cubase for MIDI composition as if I didn’t own any Sony(SoFo) products at all. It would have been nice to get a break for buying Vegas and ACID and Sound Forge.

aractoid wrote on 5/9/2004, 9:01 AM
vegas 5 and acid 4
Vegas is definitely my main tool for tracking, mixing, etc.(I have even used it for mastering... works great)
I sometimes use Acid to assemble a drum track from loops(usually the Joey Kramer discrete series). This way I can generate seperate wav files for kick, snare, overheads, etc, which then go into Vegas as a foundation for overdubs.
Studio_de_Lara wrote on 5/9/2004, 4:52 PM
I have both Acid 4.0 and Vegas 5.0.
Acid is used for composing. Beat matching, song structure, a little midi (very little).
Vegas is my main editor. It is also the 1st place I go to when putting CDs together. I usually record and mix in Logic (on a Mac with my PC sync'd).

For small, audio only projects, I will mix in Vegas.
PipelineAudio wrote on 5/9/2004, 7:07 PM
I dont understand beat matching. If I drop in a drum loop say 12 measures, where the tempo might drift a lot, it will only make the first measure timing correct, and the others are relative to it, yet you cant change the length of each measure only the absoulte length of ALL measures. Am I getting something wrong? What tool do we have to correct out of time parts? I just edit the hell out of it in vegas but is there another way short of PT or Nuendo?