Vegas Post 20 Performance with Intel and NVIDIA

MH7 wrote on 3/10/2023, 1:34 AM

Okay, so I’m planning a upgrade my PC from what it is currently (see my sig) to a Intel i5 13600K and an RTX 3060Ti. This isn’t just for video editing (although it mostly is) but for gaming also (as I recently bought Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020: 40th Anniversary Edition) as I want to have better gaming performance on @ 4K. But, staying on the subject of video editing, how have many of you, who have a similar system (Intel i5 13600K & NVIDIA RTX 3060Ti or similar), find Vegas Post 20’s performance with such PC hardware?

(Please Note: I almost considered going with an Ryzen 9 7900 (65W) and an AMD RX 7900 XT, but from the little research that I have done, the AMD Ryzen 9 7900 and RX 7900 XT doesn’t seem like a great combo for video editing and AMD’s malfunctioning drivers seem to be contributing to this; unless someone here has this combo and is finding great with VP 20)

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RogerS wrote on 3/10/2023, 3:28 AM

I'm using a similar specced desktop and its great. See results in the two benchmarks linked to in my signature. I don't use Effects much but do use Vegas Pro. Can't say much about gaming though it does fine in 3DMark.

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