VEGAS Pro 17 Update 3 (Build 387)

Bri-Hageman wrote on 12/16/2019, 9:14 AM

Dear Community,

We are pleased to announce the release of the third update for VEGAS Pro 17 (build 387). This build includes features such as a new video capture functionality in VEGAS Capture, a trial version of VEGAS POST, as well as many bug fixes. You can download update three through the auto update feature, or, through the direct download links provided below.

Let us know what you think about build 387 in our general discussion thread.

New Features

  • Trials of VEGAS POST
  • Auto-update mechanism for VEGAS POST
  • HDR-specific Intel QSV templates for HEVC renders
  • Option to select color histogram for White Balance tools
  • Render template for 360 5.7k projects
  • Webcam video capture is now available in the VEGAS Capture utility
  • Mouse cursor capture is now available in the VEGAS Capture utility

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue where some Video FX parameters that use a text field could not contain more than 4000 characters
  • VEGAS POST can now be activated on systems running Windows 10 Home without running as an administrator
  • Change mechanism for activating VEGAS POST to be more user friendly
  • Saturation and Luminance controls in the Color Grading Panel now match the HSL plugin
  • Issue where some media had low playback performance after video stabilization analysis has been fixed
  • Issue where some CPUs were not properly identified has been resolved
  • Resetting the mesh in Mesh Warp will no longer clear animation data
  • Problem with stepping through frames on projects with high frame rates has been resolved
  • The time display will no longer go blank when cancelling out of the custom color selection dialog
  • Window layout will return properly to previous state when exiting Color Grading mode
  • WMV files will preview properly when using hardware decoding
  • Mesh will properly adjust when preview resolution has changed
  • Will no longer crash when Mesh Warp is handling an empty frame
  • Fix to help prevent crash when editing an event
  • Fix to prevent crash on startup when some third party scripts are read in at opening of the application
  • Korean characters are properly handled in the RenderAs dialog and Insert Subtitles dialog
  • Fix for crash when Warp Flow Transition is applied to some events
  • Motion Tracker will no longer crash for some older CPUs
  • Project Location button in the Render As dialog is now grayed out when the project has not been saved
  • Audio and Video tracks imported from VEGAS Capture will now be more accurately synchronized
  • Various stability fixes for VEGAS Capture

Download Links

  • No longer available.

Best regards,