VEGAS Pro 17 Update 4 (Build 421)

Bri-Hageman wrote on 2/20/2020, 9:10 AM

Dear Community,

Surprise! We have released our fourth update for VEGAS Pro 17 (build 421), which can be downloaded through the auto-update feature, or, through the links below.

As always, we value your feedback, please let us know what you think of build 421 in our general discussion thread.

Direct Download Links

  • No longer available.

New Features

  • White Balance improvements
  • 5.7k render template now available for 360 projects
  • AMD decoding support for AVC and HEVC media

Bug Fixes

  • Color Grading panel now updates when a preset is selected
  • Problem with saving keyframe changes for some parameters is now resolved
  • Some white balance parameters are now no longer reset after project is reloaded
  • Fixed crash in Slow Motion plugin
  • Fixed issued where some HDR render templates are not displayed for HDR projects
  • Improve experience when using unsupported Intel drivers
  • Crash while using NewsPrint effect has been resolved
  • Rendering a project with Video Stabilization applied will no longer crash
  • Playback of some media with Video Stabilization applied will no longer crash
  • Smoothing parameter in Video Stabilization effect will now work for all media
  • Reset of Mesh Warp effect will now work for all points
  • Crash on launch which some users have experienced has been resolved
  • Audio effects are now stored properly for project archives, nested timelines or projects read from scripts
  • Overlays will now show up properly for Media effects
  • Crop plugin now works properly for HDR projects
  • Picture-in-picture effect now works properly for HDR projects
  • Out-of-sync indicator no longer shows up in some cases where the media is not out of sync
  • Resolved issue where some media with AC3 audio which had previously been able to be read but now results in an error
  • Resolved crashing issues while reading and writing HEVC media
  • Fixed a video preview redraw issue when maximizing VEGAS Capture window
  • Fixed potential stall in VEGAS Capture when starting a preview or recording
  • Fixed video preview issue in VEGAS Capture when webcam source resolution doesn't default to 640x480