VEGAS Pro 18 Update 1 (Build 334)

Bri-Hageman wrote on 9/21/2020, 10:00 AM

Dear Community,

We are happy to announce the first update for VEGAS Pro 18 (build 334) has just been released. In it, you will find some significant fixes and improvements to the application. Below, you will find a detailed list of the newest features, bug fixes, and direct download links. As always, you can update through these links, or with the auto-update feature. 

We would love to hear your feedback. Please let us know what you think of update one in our general discussion thread.

New Features

  • Support for HEVC HDR presets available for NVENC
  • AMD support for Driver Update dialog
  • NVidia Quadro support for Driver Update dialog
  • Smart proxy generation based on GPU capabilities
  • Greater ability to move the Region of Interest for Video Stabilization
  • Interface to VEGAS Image
  • Direct control of Motion Tracking from within the Bezier Masking FX
  • Progress bar on the Motion Tracking panel is now clickable

Bug Fixes

  • Better handling GPU auto selection
  • Fixed crash on startup related to some Intel GPU drivers
  • Flicker Control FX thumbnail now displays properly in Plugin window
  • Colorization FX thumbnail now displays properly in the Plugin Window
  • Auto update for VEGAS Image and VEGAS Effects now functions
  • VEGAS Pro 17 projects that have the Slow Motion FX will no longer cause a crash
  • Grids in Expert mode on the Video Stabilization FX now work properly
  • Style Transfer and Colorization plugins now work on all supported hardware
  • Motion Tracking icon in the timeline toolbar correctly opens the Motion Tracking panel
  • Render progress dialog now remains in focus when open
  • VEGAS no longer freezes when clicking into another application while the Render Progress dialog is open
  • Proxy generation and use of Proxy files now work as expected
  • Motion data now properly applied to 2D parameters
  • Fixed problem where some Notebook GPUs are not detected by the Driver Update dialog
  • Exposure control in the Color Grading panel no longer clips in full-range projects
  • Fixed crash when reading in a file that was rendered from a 360 project with a non-hardware accelerated template
  • Improved performance of Plugin window thumbnail generation
  • Some iPhone files will no longer appear inverted in the Explorer window
  • Clicking on a Panasonic P2 template in the Render As dialog and then clicking a different format now allows editing of the file name
  • Fixed crash on shutdown
  • Adding Motion Tracking to a Lens Flare FX will no longer cause a crash
  • Picture in Picture FX now works properly in Free Form mode
  • Pan and Crop will no longer crash if "Collapse loop region" option is enabled in preferences
  • Hide the Third Party tab in the plugin window if no third party plugins are installed
  • Default format for Save Snapshot feature is now PNG
  • HDR templates now displayed when they should be available in the Render As dialog
  • Change the default render format in the Render As dialog
  • Video Stabilization no longer causes VEGAS to hang on playback with some AMD GPUs
  • Interlaced templates now available in the MAGIX AVC/AAC render plugin
  • Fixed problem with selection of animation keyframes that are not aligned with frame boundaries
  • Crash when clicking on the Creative Tab in the Video FX plugin window is fixed
  • Saving and loading of Favorites in the Plugin Windows now works as expected
  • Collapsing track groups with a fade applied to events no longer results in crash
  • Opening the Motion Tracking panel from an event's burger menu now properly selects the event
  • Fixed a crash when reading some MP4 files with an unusual AAC format

Direct Download Links

Best Regards,