Vegas Pro 19 Error on Audio Plug-Ins

Mike-Paprocki wrote on 10/28/2021, 2:13 PM

After upgrading to Vegas Pro 19 (from 14) on my Windows 10 laptop, I am getting an error on quite a few of my audio plug-ins. Some work, but most give me the following error message: "The plug-in could not be run. One or more components required to run this plug-in may be missing. If a hardware key (dongle) is required to operate this plug-in, ensure that it is properly installed. The COM object failed to initialize." Any idea why this is happening? I've tried re-scanning the VST folders, but the error message persists.


rraud wrote on 10/31/2021, 10:37 AM

What attributes do the plug-in that do not work have in common? Are they Direct X or VST-3? Vegas does not support the VST-3 format and 'some' Direct X plug-ins (including iZ's mastering suite) I and II, do not work either.
you could try reinstalling some of the plug-ins that not not work

Otherwise, resetting VP and clearing the cache can solve some issues.. try it.