VEGAS Pro 21 Now Available

VEGAS_CommunityManager wrote on 8/14/2023, 6:25 AM

Dear Community,

VEGAS Pro 21 is now available! Visit and download the trial today.

As always, we value your feedback. Please let us know what you think of VEGAS Pro 21 in our general discussion thread

Download this document for a detailed description of the new features in VEGAS Pro 21.

With our commitment to continuous delivery, you can expect to receive free updates throughout the upcoming year.


New Feature list:

  • VEGAS Z-Depth OFX plug-in and compositor 
  • Adjustment events 
  • Offset and Wrap OFX plug-in 
  • Smart Masking 
  • Mocha VEGAS 
  • Cloud-based text to speech (365 only)
  • Quick Upload (365 only)
  • Online Help 
  • New GL Transitions 
  • Improved Button icons 
  • VEGAS Content improvements (365 only)
  • VEGAS Effects 5 (VEGAS Pro Post only)
    • Proxy down sampling is now factored into viewer down sampling.
    • Text can now include a solid color background behind it.
    • Hardware decoding and encoding on Intel Iris Xe Max is now disabled due to driver issues
    • VEGAS Effects 5 now integrates with VEGAS Pro 21
    • You can now triple-click on text to select an entire line.
    • New presets in the Vector Stroke effect make use of improvements to the effect.
    • New Start Shapes and End shapes are available in the Vector Stroke effect.
    • New Taper Controls in the Vector Stroke effect allow the stroke to be tapered along the length of the path.
    • An improved color picker has been implemented.
  • VEGAS Image 5 (VEGAS Pro Post only)

Known issues:

  • The "Login" button on the Text-to-Speech page is not functional when the VEGAS Hub window is open. The toolbar Hub Login button should be used instead. 
  • Some systems may exhibit a very long launch time upon opening VEGAS Pro 21 after installing the Deep Learning Models. 

Download links:


Best Regards,

The VEGAS Creative Software Team