Vegas Pro vs Post

ikhider wrote on 6/1/2020, 2:31 PM

I am trying to better understand the differences between Vegas Pro and Post for my video production needs. It seems that Post is a competitor to BorisFX among other companies. I do short videos and documentaries. However, I also make errors and the video repair option in Post, like de-noising, looks good. There seems to be advanced titling options in post and more features to get into the video and fix/change things. Also, in one doc, I have a lot of photos, sketches and diagrams, so it seems like I have more options to better integrate them in Post. Not all my footage is top-notch, so I can perhaps make it more passable. That said, I am new to Vegas Pro, and am not sure of all the things it can offer me, yet. Vegas Pro offers sound forge, and I have a lot of audio field recordings to integrate. Importing the video into Reaper would be an option because the audio portion is complex. I am still within the window of time to switch to Post from Pro (365) so am wondering if users can weigh-in.


lan-mLMC wrote on 6/1/2020, 4:18 PM

Actually Vegas Effects is not a competitor to BorisFX. It is a new software.

In Vegas Pro, BorisFX is mostly used just as a filter to event FX. Event FX just allows one event input to BorisFX and it can just make basic effects, unless you apply BorisFX to custom composite FX which has many restrictions.

But in Vegas Effects, a plugin can access every event in the timeline freely. It is a real-handy-free composite and can make more advanced VFX or title FX.


Do you know After Effects? Vegas Effects is just a similar to it.


"Vegas Pro + Vegas Effects" ≈ "Vegas Pro + After Effects without render". This will more comprehensive for you.

Marco. wrote on 6/1/2020, 4:21 PM

Vegas Effects is a slightly simplified version of Hitfilm Pro.

ikhider wrote on 6/1/2020, 5:17 PM

@lan-mLMC @Marco. Sure, I was trained in Adobe CC so I have used After Effects. My impression is that Vegas Post is something different because of the video repair features like denoising and more advanced titling. Instead of having to go buy Boris or Red Giant or whatever, apparently I can get a lot of those features here. My interest is more in video enhancement than special effects per se. How does Vegas Post fare for enhancements? Or is it all just marketing?

If I use Vegas Pro 360, can I not try out Post as well to see which one best suits project needs?