video cards, redux....

ushere wrote on 7/16/2016, 2:31 AM
i know the subjects been done to death, but just when i was about to order a rx480 i see nvidia has come out with a gtx 1060.

of course it's probably too early to assess properly, but they're (nvidia) claiming a 15% boost over the amd, and a lower power draw...

i don't want to spend overly on a video card at the moment - i'm working hd, with a few odd shots from clients 4k, but it's all on hd timelines - and would like opinions as to whether (bearing in mind i also use photoshop, some basic after effects, resolve quite heavily (more so than vegas), and assorted media encoders):

a. would i miss cuda if i went amd in any of the software (not counting rendering in vegas)?

b. the 480 is 8gb whilst the 1060 6gb. would this be noticeable re timeline playback, etc.,

c. apparently the new crimson drivers for amd are fine, could anyone else confirm this from experiences at all - after so many bad experience many years ago now, i'd like some reassurance ;-))

i do foresee myself moving to 4k at some point in the future, but that's going to require a new box of tricks anyway, and by that time they'll probably be giving 8gb video cards away for free....


john_dennis wrote on 7/17/2016, 12:28 AM
I'm in a similar quandary with video cards and probably won't be able to answer your questions because I haven't answered many of my own. This is a very inopportune time to buy a video card. AMD has finally gotten a die-shrink for their aging technology but there is little inventory of the RX 480 causing upward pressure on price. This early in the product cycle there is little deviation from the AMD reference design amongst the partners. Throw in the Nvidia announcement which sounds great, if expensive, and it's even more frustrating. The other wild card is the possibility that Vegas 14 might (just might) work better with Nividia three months from now.

I was even ready to just go ahead and buy the RX 480 and take my chances, but the one I picked was out of stock. I have two more to shoot this summer so I can wait a few weeks to rip my system apart. Now's probably a good time to find something else to think about.

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ushere wrote on 7/17/2016, 2:17 AM
it's a bugger isn't it ;-)

i sort of held off dashing into a rx480 till someone puts an 8 pin power connector on it. i know the initial problems were quickly solved with a software fix, but the 8 pin just doubles down on any spurious voltage draw.

for a general perspective (and over on the resolve board) it seems the general consensus is if you're not buying a 1080 or 1070, then the 480 fits the bill slightly better (8gb vs 6gb) and cheaper than a 1060.

i'm happy to wait and read more before i chose, i might add i don't do any gaming, and one of the major problems 'researching' and trying to assess the better card is that all the review are game orientated.

oh, and i'm not in the least interested in using the card for rendering - i gave up any hope of effective gpu in vegas long ago...
set wrote on 7/17/2016, 4:34 AM
My consideration with RX480 is the length of this video card...
Anyone have idea or data for the card length?

If too large for my current case, then I need to change my case too!

My other consideration, is it better to totally replace my current Radeon 5750 with RX480 or add it along with 5750 (having multiple GPUs) ?

ushere wrote on 7/17/2016, 4:54 AM
afaik vegas doesn't take advantage of 2 cards, but resolve does.

as for length, well i should think specs will give you those sort of details, but i'm also sure you'll be seeing a great number of 'variations' coming from different manufactures.. i read there's already a 'mini' for small factor boxes...

as i wrote, it's probably worth waiting for an 8 pin model, just to be sure ;-)
JJKizak wrote on 7/17/2016, 8:23 AM
Sometimes the length of the video card will interfere with stuff on the motherboard.
wwaag wrote on 7/17/2016, 9:45 AM
On B&H, they list an MSI that has a length of 9.4 "/240 mm at $260 with expected availability of 30 Jul.

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set wrote on 7/17/2016, 12:31 PM

hmmm, still able to fit on my case, but the Hard Drive storage must be moved elsewhere... - but it's also risk to heating up those hard drives.