VP13 vs PPro Render quality - Whoa!


Cliff Etzel wrote on 2/4/2015, 11:00 PM
One of my biggest gripes is the gamma shift that occurs in Vegas Pro when rendering out a project. I did a search but it didn't seem accurate for me in finding the answer - what's the trick in keeping the gamma from shifting during render?
musicvid10 wrote on 2/4/2015, 11:14 PM
The Levels filter?
Pls post examples.

Steve Mann wrote on 2/5/2015, 10:42 PM
I have a standing challenge at the local community cable channel, and given the same project, I finish faster than the PPro editor every time. Sometimes by hours.
Cliff Etzel wrote on 2/6/2015, 12:49 PM
@Steve Mann - I get what you're saying about speed and efficiency in Vegas Pro - I've experienced it myself, but I've also experienced more crashes in Vegas Pro period. Premiere Pro hasn't crashed once on a single project I've edited - but I am using a "recommended" NVidia based graphics card.

Then again, my Vegas Pro instability issues could be related to using an nVidia graphics card so I'm patiently waiting for my Radeon 6970 to be delivered early next week and will have a baseline according to @OldSMoke and @BruceUSA to compare it to. Who knows? Maybe the Radeon card is the missing piece of the puzzle in a stable workflow with Vegas Pro for me.
Cliff Etzel wrote on 2/6/2015, 1:29 PM
Others have posted inquiries about whether I had tried to frameserve from PPro to Handbrake and after posting that very question on the Adobe Premiere Pro forum, it appears Frameserving is more or less broken when going through PPro. The solution was to render out a huge Lagarith file and then go thru the process of opening it in Handbrake. Or Frameserve to TMPGEnc (and know nothing about - in addition to having to pay for the encoder)

IMO, another tick mark in favor of Vegas Pro.