What do the semi-transparent lines mean?

chap wrote on 2/19/2015, 8:21 PM
Hey Vegas fam-

For the past few iterations of Vegas I have enjoyed the snap feature of the system, especially when a semi-transparent colored line is drawn between items on different layers when moving them.

I am a big CTRL+SHIFT+F user to move multiple items when cutting to match the latest edit. This is because I do a lot of animatic editing that involves hundreds of individual drawings. But, a curious thing has happened that i have noticed, which is that many of my edits will end up in between frames. This causes a horrible render, as many times one half of one drawing gets semi-transaprent with the next drawing.

I have QUANTIZE TO FRAMES on at all time, so I was curious about how this would happen. Eventually, I think I figured it is because often I will make an edit to audio and then use the ripple to move all events, causing there to be space in between frames, which I then fill.

My question then is, what is the code for the semi transparent lines?

Sometimes a line is solid, BLUE, ORANGE or YELLOW. And sometimes they are dotted the same colors. My guess has been that a dotted line means it is snapping to an event BETWEEN frames.

Does anyone know the code to these lines. I know the orange ones are snap to markers.


xberk wrote on 2/19/2015, 11:01 PM
Interesting stuff .. I'm thinking this possibly has something to do with Preferences/Display/Snap Color -- there are different colors which you can define for snapping to give you "visual alignment".

By the way, I love the visual alignment as I know for sure things are lined up between tracks, especially a synced audio track with matching video track.

I have "cursor" set to a yellow color and "event" is blue. So when I snap to the cursor the line is "yellow" .. when I snap to an event the line is "blue"
S35 wrote on 2/20/2015, 7:18 AM
Hi chap,

I wonder if this happens because of the newer feature in Vegas called "Do not quantize to frames for audio-only edits" which is a check box you will find under Options > Preferences > Editing. I actually turned it off because I found the new behaviour bothersome. However, thanks to you, I just discovered it was turned back on! So off it goes again. :-)

According to the manual:
"When this check box is selected, edits to audio events (such as event moves, trims, and ASR times) are not quantized to frame boundaries even if Quantize to Frames is enabled."

As to the dotted lines, keep in mind that when rippling events even with Quantize to frames turned on, Vegas will always claim that the event edges (where cuts occur) are no longer quantized, even if they were a second ago. This is a bug that dates back to at least version 8 of Vegas, which did the same thing. The only work around is to ignore the dotted lines or gently drag the edges of each clip where they meet (drag left clip edge right a bit, drag right clip edge left a bit), and now they'll be re-quantized.

However, in your case, the clips were genuinely un-quantized (probably due to the check box I mentioned) and resulted in short fades rather than cuts.
Allegretto wrote on 9/29/2015, 6:00 PM
Markers are drawn with dotted lines as a reminder that you have turned snapping off, Options > Enable Snapping (or hit F8).
Nick Hope wrote on 9/30/2015, 2:35 AM

This might help. My favorite internal preference:

Highlights unquantized ends of edges in red. Hold down <shift> when clicking "Preferences" to get the extra "Internal" tab.

Chienworks wrote on 9/30/2015, 7:41 AM
"animatic editing that involves hundreds of individual drawings"

You should probably be importing these as image sequences, which become single video events on the timeline just like any other video clip and are treated as a video clip. Set the frame rate on import (it defaults to the current project frame rate) and you'll never have to worry about these issues again.