What Features Would You Like Added to V7b ??


rmack350 wrote on 9/23/2006, 4:02 PM
I'd like to be able to select events on the timeline and convert them into a nested Veg file without leaving the project.

I'd like to see regions listed as objects in the media pool.

Rob Mack
TLF wrote on 9/24/2006, 9:43 AM
i would like a way to change the field order on clips from the same source. For example, I transfer a VHS tape that is then cut and trimmed - currently, if I change the field order, the change affects the entire project. I would like the change to apply ONLY to the selected clip.

I suppose I could do it by creating a sub clip, but but a direct way would be better for me.

Spot|DSE wrote on 9/24/2006, 9:48 AM
I would like there be be a visual cue to indicate which object have had an effect applied to them - perhaps the plug-in symbol could change colour?

It's already there. If the FX button is green on the event, then there are FX applied. If it is grey, there are not FX applied. This holds true at Track, Event, Master, and Project Media/Media Pool levels.
If you're not seeing the FX buttons on Events, then you need to turn these on in the VIEW menu option.
Spot|DSE wrote on 9/24/2006, 9:51 AM
Letting audio FX be keyframable just like video FX would be another possibility, so you could have keyframes visible on the track.

They already are...FX envelopes. These are track-based, not Event based, but the end result is the same, without the issues that would accompany Event-based temporal FX. You can also do this on a project basis as well. Not quite what you're wanting, but not a work-around, either. It merely mimics exactly how it works in the 'real-world.'
TLF wrote on 9/24/2006, 9:58 AM
"I would like there be be a visual cue to indicate which object have had an effect applied to them - perhaps the plug-in symbol could change colour?"

I discovered that just after posting! It's been a long weekend and the difference between grey and green has become somewhat blurred...

Anyway, I've edited my post to a different enhancement I would like.


PS Will your book be updated, Spot?
Spot|DSE wrote on 9/24/2006, 10:09 AM
You can also change the field order of just a clip, right click and choose Properties, and invert the field order (or remove it) there.

I don't know if my book will be updated or not. CMP Books is no more, they were bought by Focal Press a couple months back. No one at Focal has inquired about a new book, which is what I'd really prefer to write.
Either way, there will be an e-book update available shortly.
David Jimerson wrote on 9/24/2006, 10:42 AM
One thing I've always thought would be nice . . .

If you generate media -- text, solid color, gradient, etc., in a 4:3 project, the media is 4:3. If you generate it in a 16:9 project, it will be 16:9.

But if you switch project properties, the media will remain the same as it was when it was generated.

You can change the PAR, which is OK for a solid color, but it distorts text.

I'd like to see the change be automatic -- and true.
andyd wrote on 9/24/2006, 5:35 PM
BLU-RAY SUPPORT. WE NEED TO HAVE THIS TO AUTHOR FOR BLUE RAY. WE MUST HAVE IT NOW PLEASE. While you are at it, make a BD-DVD player app for BD-DVD's under Win2K / XP. Thanks so much.

Andy D.
Wanting everything, right now (today) as ususal, nothing new, sigh :-)

Jonathan Neal wrote on 9/24/2006, 6:00 PM
Capture to MPEG2


Plus another shout-out to MIDI and VSTi/DXi support, because they've otherwise abandoned the concept that was Vegas Audio, but then again, maybe they have.
David Jimerson wrote on 9/24/2006, 6:07 PM
I don't think Blu-Ray is big enough to warrant it yet.

According to this:


1) HD DVD players are outselling Blu-Ray players.

2) HD DVD and Blu-Ray combined make up only 0.4% of DVD player sales.

According to the CEA count, about 5,000,000 DVD players have been sold May-July, taking into account the months where HD DVD and Blu-Ray have been available.


This number may or may not take HD DVD/BD into account, but the percentage is so small, it doesn't really matter; if we take 0.4% of 5 million, we get about 20,000 . . . and apparently more than half of those are HD DVD, not Blu-Ray.

So, that's less than 10,000 Blu-Ray players out there.

It may one day be HUGE. But it isn't right now, and if it doesn't make sense to support something that hasn't proven itself yet, then there's no reason to add Blu-Ray support at this time.

As a practical matter, you might be able to burn Blu-Ray discs, but no one can play them.
Kanst wrote on 9/25/2006, 2:17 AM
- Align Justify in Sony Text Generators
- Window's Tab Headers viewing in Hide Docking area Mode and its "on-click" pop-uping
- RMS meter (just like in Sound Forge)
- Insert Master FX lines in Preferenses > Internal Tab for specifying an Audio Master FX Plug-Ins auto-insertion while new project starting.
- Audio Stream choosing and "Promote Media Markers" from IFO while Import DVD Camcorder disc
Jonathan Neal wrote on 9/25/2006, 2:31 AM
Kanst, can you help me understand what you meant by Window's Tab Headers viewing in Hide Docking area Mode and its "on-click" pop-uping?
Grazie wrote on 9/25/2006, 2:58 AM
Oh! I read this as having the option that when in Hide Docking Area - F11 - that we could STILL have the separate Window TABS viewable. Somehopw "peeking" up from below? That's what I thought? Good idea!
Kanst wrote on 9/25/2006, 4:04 AM
Yes, hide all docking windows, but viewing TABs. And may be more:
if I need only one group of windows displayed (for example Mixer), I click on it's TAB and see only one windows group. And better to have an option to exclude this group from hidden area (green markered on http://kanst.mediatory.ru/vegases/tabs.jpg)
farss wrote on 9/25/2006, 4:47 AM
Something I'd find really usefull that doesn't mean tearing up the base code and starting again.
A 'marker' that can be locked to an event!
Spent a lot of time syncing the 2nd camera. No time code to help me, usual tricks with waveforms don't help, 1st camera was a fair ways back and had AGC on (make note to Sony, why do all their high end cameras set audio to -18dB?). And this was all in a very foreign language and mostly chanting (I think).

So being able to find something on one track and stick a PostIt note to it and then find the matching clue on the other track would be mighty handy when it came to sliding them into sync.

Not a big deal, I'm not going to jump ship over this one, maybe there's already an easy way to accomplish this that I've overlooked.

Kanst wrote on 9/25/2006, 4:59 AM
What I mean about audio stream choosing while importing:
I has my DVD (made with DVDA) with 2 audio streams (main 5.1 & 2.0 commentary only).
I need mix background noise to comentary.
If I use V7 Import DVD camcorder disc, I'll have on timeline only a first main sound.
The better way to have an option to choose 1st, 2nd, or both audiostreams opened in project.
But now I must demux all three streams, mux m2v+1st and m2v+2nd to a separete .MPGs,
place both on timeline, mute unused audio channels and render new ac3 2.0 comentary.
After this I can remux streams to new VOBs (in IFOEdit) and replace them into entire
DVD structure.
But if I want re-make this project in DVDA again I must waste a great time for converting
chapter timestamps from .IFOs to .SFLs too! Thus reading chapter timestamps from .IFOs
(just like Promote Media Markers) is very wanted!
Grazie wrote on 9/25/2006, 5:02 AM
IDEA1: Dock Windows Vetically. At present I can Dock them horizontally, this is good, but with FULL preview on one LCD, I'm wanting to have a layer cake OR Club Sandwich of:

DockLayer1: Onscreen Preview + Media Manager

DockLayer2: Trimmer

and well down here would go my Timeline.

Yes I know I can create many "Docks" and then arrange them, but I tend to push and sush them about.

IDEA2 - Copy/Paste Track Attributes

IDEA3 - (Old one of mine) Folder Management like wot ACID has!

. .I got more . .

Jayster wrote on 9/25/2006, 11:14 AM
Something I'd find really usefull that doesn't mean tearing up the base code and starting again.
Not quite the same thing, but would inserting a marker to the media using the trimmer do it? Then you would of course "promote markers" using the script in the scripting menu.
farss wrote on 9/25/2006, 3:24 PM
Not certain but I'll try it.
What I want is a marker that'll slide along the T/L with the clip.
Get the idea?
Find specific word/note/action in B camera clip. Add "sticky" marker.
Find matching word/note/action in A camera clip. Add normal marker.
Slide B camera clip along until markers align. You're in sync, or at least so damn close it'll be a breeze to slide the few frames to get it spot on.

Final thing, rename A camera clip "In Sync" as a mental note that it's been done.

And could I ask that anyone in front of a camera pay more attention to regularly scratching your nose, adjusting your glasses etc. To those that do, thank you, I'd be really lost without your help.

rmack350 wrote on 9/25/2006, 6:11 PM
The markers you set in the trimmer show on the main timeline and move with the clip. You may have to turn that feature on but I think it's the default.

Rob Mack
Kanst wrote on 9/27/2006, 12:28 PM
If Vegas by some strange cases again can't smart-edit MPEG video, I want I-frames be markered (DVDA4-like), placing MPEG video on timeline. With such feachure I can re-encode only edited parts from one I-frame to another using high-quality encoder, then split entire file on I-frames and insert new encoded in any Merge&Cut utility.
goldentwig wrote on 9/27/2006, 1:42 PM
I just posted this in another thread, looking for help, but I think it'd be a COOL new feature to have!

What I think would be REALLY cool is the ability to transcribe audio files, "attach" that text somehow to that clip in the Bins, and then be able to SEARCH through text field and pull up all clips which match the search string. So if I have a bunch of interviews and want to find the people who gave a reply that contained the word "red," I could search on "red" and it would pull up those clips!

And better support for Titling would be FANTASTIC! I'm jealous of the professional looking titles that Final Cut with Live Type can create!
Grazie wrote on 9/27/2006, 2:21 PM
IDEA4: Looping Event Media within Media Manager

IDEA5: From within Media Manager Rt click and "Open In Trimmer"
DJPadre wrote on 9/27/2006, 6:13 PM
I want eh hot chicks in those skimpy outfits.. oh sorry wrong forum...

okies, heres afew things id like seen in Vegas...

Multicam... The scripts work ok, but i want a true multi window multicam where i can click on the window of choice and have markers or cuts thrown in at those points. The way Pinnacle liquid does it...

Cookie Cutter refinements. I want to be able to import a Gradiant image or jpg (like pixelan can) BUT i want Cookie cutter to take that shape and allow me to create a border using that gradation. The current "shapes" are ok, but im yet to use an arrow left/arrow right...

Colour Match - Pick a colour on screen and match it with another. The filter should show me a preview of teh clip in question (the one to be filtered) while im given freedom to scrub the timeline to use the eyedropper to pick the colour.
This helps with manually set WB on multiple cameras Edius has this

White Balance correction - Pick a sput thats "supposed" to be white.. bang, instant WB fix.. Even better.. give us templates to asjust temperatures and chop and change between temps in increments of 50degrees

Auto Levels - Similar to the above.. the current free one DOES NOT lock, so you get fluctuations based on varying contrasts If u could lock it, the rest of my requests would be obsolete..

TRUE multithreaded AC3 rendering..
Considering it takes 45minutes to render a 5.1 ac3 from an hour 40minute project, with 2 vocal, 2 backing and 1 LFE track... but ti takes less than 10 minutes to render wav.... yes wav is uncompressed but why advertise multithreaded audio rendering support when it still doesnt render ac3 with multple threads...

dont care bout GFX card support if its fast enough without it.. but it ISNT fast enough... and with MP4 acquisition cameras coming to the fore.. i wonder how Vegas will fare..

I want realtime filter keyframe position recordings. Much the same way as the surround panner automatically records your click and drag pans, why cant we do this with a video filter? We're given teh touchpad square which we use to position (lets say a radial blur).. but instead of keyframing each point, why cant re record teh position? Then once recorded, we can interpolate those keyframes much like Particle Illusion does..

I want to right click in PanCrop and be able to select 5 of my fave presets. 16:9, 1.85.1, 4.3, 2.35.1 etc etc

In switches, i want to be able to not only lock an event, but also be given the option to "lock event to track" which will allow me to shift the track, but it wont jump tracks when moving back and forth

I want it to make me a Latte every 90minutes... 3 sugars.. or 7 if its using those little bags..

I want the Hystogram/RGB parade to run alongside the preview windows video overlay... saves space and running it vertically makes no difference to ones workflow.. working external, id like an overlay of said Parades.. much like a digital SLR woul ddisplay this data over the actual image. It doesnt afect the output, but u can see the levels live and close to each other

Timecode of the actual tape OF THE CLIP, as in show active take info, BUT to use the actual TIMECODE of the media, not Vegas generated timecode

Strecthing. Currently to view a strecthed clip data (cntrl drag) one must either retain the audio (as the percentile of stretch is shown here) or one must go into the clip properties to view. Having the percentile smack bang in the middle (along those zig zags) saves time and clicking around fishing for info

A decent deinterlacer.. much like the smartdeinterlacer, but that has issues of its own..

when working HD resolutions with SD and HD media, instead of automatically fitting the SD footage, let us see the actual size vs the output size. Liquid does this, and allows one to work an S project with HD material. but KNOWING the respultion thresholds one has the ability to see the differnce in frame size, so with this, when reframing a shot, one knows how far they can go before image begins to degrade

A "make it look good " filter... lol wouldnt this make life easy...