What Features Would You Like Added to V7b ??


xjerx wrote on 9/27/2006, 7:33 PM
batch rendering/export like in FCP

..so i can set a bunch of ins and outs on a timeline and render out as many different files as i want in one lump.

...if this already exists..tell me how
Yoyodyne wrote on 9/27/2006, 7:40 PM
It does, it's under scripts - batch rendering -
GlennChan wrote on 9/27/2006, 10:31 PM
What I think would be REALLY cool is the ability to transcribe audio files, "attach" that text somehow to that clip in the Bins, and then be able to SEARCH through text field and pull up all clips which match the search string. So if I have a bunch of interviews and want to find the people who gave a reply that contained the word "red," I could search on "red" and it would pull up those clips!
If there were some way to search for region and marker names in a project, that would solve this. You could set markers/regions at each sentence.

What I really want is to be able to search both markers and region, for a project (and not everything on the computer). A choice to search all projects on the computer (or a SAN) may be nice too.
ken c wrote on 9/28/2006, 5:05 AM
One other editing feature that would be nice is an easier way to select clips, vs having to go to the menu and choose editing type/ select tool etc... some way to use the mouse buttons or an instant edit icon on the toolbar, to select different editing methods, would be great.

main two edit types I use are the default one, and the selection one (where you can drag a box around a set of clips).

Also the grouping/ungrouping feature is still quite clumsy, as it's not very clear which clips are selected; if they could highlight the grouped vs ungrouped clips with a brighter border line at least, that would be a big improvement.


P.S. Attention Sony: the fact that we're now up to 100 posts on the "What features would you like" thread here indicates that (at least I) continue to be unhappy with your lack of work and progress on the Vegas platform.

The vidcap tool and features of Vegas have been disappointingly only added to incrementally.

Please explain why Sony/Madison has not added at least a significant number of new features, like all your customers are asking for, above in this thread - to the application? Is it laziness, lack of listening to customer wants, lack of headcount/resources, or what??

Go look at Digital Juice for an example of a company that listens to their customers needs and works their butts off to bring world-class new products to market constantly. And I'm sure they have less working capital than Sony. So what's your excuse? Why is Vegas a neglected stepchild and not enhanced significantly with each new release?

From a workflow and editing standpoint, there is MINIMAL difference between Vegas 4 and Vegas 7. DVDA has been improved a bit, and there's been a couple of improvements to Vegas, but mostly minor bugfixes that a lone programmer could've done in his spare time. Where's a dedicated team of programmers working hard to add significant new functionality to Vegas.

I'm quite disappointed in your company. This is a tool many of us use as a primary tool for making our living with. It seems like your buyout of the platform from Sonic Foundry was just a strategic acquisition move, with no significant dedicated programming support to add significant functionality to the platform over time. That's my honest assessment.

Is there a future with the platform? Or should I go look at the other editing suites and recommend them to my thousands of customers instead? And no I don't expect an answer. You're not a world class company any more in my eyes. Sad.
craftech wrote on 9/28/2006, 5:16 AM
And to get back to basics.

Are you EVER going to add a drop shadow to the text in the credit roll generator that has been missing since Vegas 3.0? How much effort could that possibly take? You have it in the lame titler.

I am not looking for a brand new kitchen sink, just a couple of washers to stop the leak in the old one.

bevross wrote on 9/28/2006, 7:04 AM
Feel a need to chime in against the Sony Media Corp. bashing. When I look at the competition, it looks like a good deal to me: less expensive than competitors and, rather important to me -- less paranoia about licenses. Vegas allows installation on "as many machines as you own" (I have 3) plus you can transfer old versions to other people (a great way to get others hooked). Adobe allows installation on 2 machines, don't know about transfer of old licenses but I'd bet not. Heck -- I stopped upgrading my audio app -- Samplitude -- because it converted to use of a dongle & only allowed 3 total installations (better not crash or upgrade any machines). Plus, upgrading costs $600!

This relaxed licensing approach is nearly the deciding factor for me.
ken c wrote on 9/28/2006, 7:40 AM
yes, user-friendly licensing is a nice thing to have. (except for all the mp3/mpg licensing hassles in earlier versions of vegas)

but better video editing features for professional video editors, upgraded regularly, would be even more important.

xjerx wrote on 9/28/2006, 8:59 AM
haha..thanks..i'm an idiot :o)
xjerx wrote on 9/28/2006, 8:59 AM
haha..thanks..i'm an idiot :o)
xjerx wrote on 9/28/2006, 8:59 AM
haha..thanks..i'm an idiot :o)
Dan Sherman wrote on 9/28/2006, 9:30 AM
Spell check feature in text generator.
That's one of the features I like about Cayman.
Kanst wrote on 10/4/2006, 7:05 AM
Working with project we make Selectively Prerender Video from time to time for better preview some parts. Why in Render As dialog we haven't an option "Use prerendered parts" (On/Off)?
But now, if I work with DV and make Selectively Prerender Video to DV, then, in final rendering process, prerendered parts re-rendered again.

And again about Reversed video events: may be I do something wrong, but I have a strob after rendering reverced video, same as Vegas 6d. Thus I must render an event to another file, place this new instead previous to timeline, set in its properties a reversed field order and now can reverce it.
How I understand this:
For example, I have 2 interlaced LFF frames or 4 fields - 1st frame LowField, 1st frame UpperField, 2ndLF and 2ndUF. After reverse I have 2ndUF, 2ndLF, 1stUF and 1stLF = Inversed Field Order, thus I must set reversed field order before Reverse video.
Can this reverse event's fields order process made automatically?
JJKizak wrote on 10/4/2006, 7:14 AM
I have no problem at all reversing clips. Just click and done.

ken c wrote on 10/4/2006, 7:32 AM
I'd like to see the ability to set a default fade type... thx to DSE, I got the tip to use the fade type that's at the top of the choices, agree that one looks best, but I've had to manually choose that one for every single fade I do, which is a hassle...

other than having to do keyboard mapping, is there any way to set a default fade type? if not, that would be a good feature to add.

and of course, being able to have an icon-based in the top where the script icons go, way to toggle editing tools.. from default to 'selection' etc..

and the audio volume envelope control, I don't like that it adds a ton of points to the audio volume line... the way it was in 6 was better, unless I'm missing something..

I hope somebody comes out with an instructional video on how to use V7's new features..

Spot|DSE wrote on 10/4/2006, 8:15 AM
I hope somebody comes out with an instructional video on how to use V7's new features..

You won't have to wait too much longer.
ken c wrote on 10/4/2006, 8:26 AM
Great... glad to hear it... my life's changed for the better thanks to all I've learned from you and those v4 DVDs years ago.. from "copy stuff on a vhs for customers" to my current 14-DVD release ... huge conversion... looking forward to getting more of your folks' videos at vasst.com .. !

David Arbogast wrote on 10/4/2006, 9:37 AM
Wow, this thread is now 8 miles deep! Maybe we need to start a new one.....

An improvement that I would like to see in future versions of Vegas is some enhancements to the Pan/Crop tool:
1. User-definable grid (user defines color, transparency, and scaling of the grid).
2. snappable guides (as in most 2d graphics software).
3. Geometric primitives in the Mask portion: oval, rectangle (with user-definable radiused corners), polygon, text, etc.) Currently you have to draw manually with the pen tool, but having primitives would be a time-saver.

In other words, the pan/crop tool would be a great area to add some more graphics editing tools that are commonly found in other graphics applications.
wafalcon wrote on 10/4/2006, 9:52 AM
Temporary Markers is an awesome idea!
A selection of an event highlighted in edit details window would be totally great!

Here are some more little Ideas like that:

1) I don't know about you but I find those FX and Crop/Pan buttons on the video clips a in a wrong spot when trimming video. There is an option of turning them off, but it think if there was an option that they would appear when the ALT button is pressed, like the underlines in the menu it would be the one of the best things in Vegas, because it would be convenient and fast access.

2) An option in preferences, for making a Loop region selection. CTRL+CLICK and Drag instead of just click and drag.
3) An ability of moving events with markers and regions and everything else. For now I know that in Vegas I can move the events and envelopes with the selection tool, but I often need to move the markers with them.
4) Auto selection tool in normal tool mode. When cursor dragged from an empty space left to right – the selection would only select the events that are fully fall inside the bounding box (event must be in the selection box from the beginning to the end to be selected), and when dragging from right to left all the event would be selected that the bounding box touches (like the selection tool works now). Idea taken from CAD program.
5) Escape to close the pop-up windows.
6) Clip annotation. Like event Crop/Pan and FX button, to have a button for video clip to store notes. And like track key framing, the notes can be seen when the note is expanded, like the key frames can be expanded.
7) Audio Frequency Analyzer option in volume level indicator window. Some times it is hard to tell which frequency is too loud or on what frequency is the noise. So by having the EQ Analyzer it would be possible to fix the sound fast.

Well these are some of my Ideas I have a lot more…
I wish they could be heard by Media software people.

Please give me some feed back what do you think on these ideas.

Once again the temp markers and the event/edit list selection are just brilliant!
bobbob wrote on 10/4/2006, 9:53 AM
one feature that is missing since vegas 3 is being able to mixdown a part of audio in the project (render to new track) from any bus (master, a, b ,c etc) and from any device or output selected. It's only possible to render to a new track if you are on your "default device" of the windows audio sound playback. This is really not working for any profesionnal setup that include more than one sound card or a multiple output sound card. I don't know with what you test your software but a lot of people out there have more than just a stereo sound blaster. Every other pro software (protools, cubase, logic etc) do that. Vegas has incredible features an works really good, but this is a really big problem.
I really wish the developers or/and engineers will coreect that in the next release of vegas 7.

Have a nice day.
Rosebud wrote on 10/4/2006, 10:40 AM
A great enhancement for Pan/Crop Window would be to add the Loop & Move Tools of the Track Motion Window :

... and the motion path of Vegas4 (for 2D track motion & Pan/crop)
ken c wrote on 10/26/2006, 7:57 AM
I'd like to see more undockable windows as well, since on a 3-monitor layout, it would be nice to be able to customize the entire workflow..

Quryous wrote on 10/26/2006, 10:17 AM
Wow, what an IMPRESSIVE wish list. Of course, I'd put my wishes first:

Impressive titler
Motion stabilization of whole scene
Modion stabilization keyed off a user selected object in a scene, even if it is moving.
Smart background render / prerender that STAYS saved unless you make a change to that specific clip.

That would be nice for a start. Let me know when you are ready. I'll test them for you.
tazio wrote on 10/26/2006, 3:15 PM
Missing since version 5.

The ability to use shift and ] to select regions snapped to events.

Sorry I know I keep on going on about this one but it would save my mouse arm immeasureably
DavidSinger wrote on 10/26/2006, 3:25 PM
"2) An option in preferences, for making a Loop region selection. CTRL+CLICK and Drag instead of just click and drag. "

Oh, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE? I've started to count. The MOST-often error I make is generating a loop region because I started the drag just a tad too soon after attempting to click on the timeline cursor (only to discove I've missed by a molecule). I've had to shrink the dag-gummed loop region more often than all other error corrections combined.