What's up with T/L playback speed?!!


astar wrote on 12/29/2016, 9:37 PM

Whats is the model of the monitor you are using to CC on? Do you calibrate your monitor with a puck?

12G SDI is gimp when you compare it to modern Display Port standards. You may be better off figuring out how to get the 10bit color standards the GTx1080 is suppose to support. BMD is not going to have much of a market in the future when almost every new GPU will support modes like SuperMLH1.0 or the latest DP.

Unless there is some other reason you need SDI.

megabit wrote on 12/30/2016, 1:10 AM

Man, I realize I fell pray of BMD's smart policy of offering "free" version of Resolve; I soon realized I have to pay for it buying the Decklink from BMD as it's currently just about the only piece of hardware allowing for 10-bit monitoring from Resolve! Sure there are much cheaper models (like the latest $195 Mini Monitor 4K), but I do 50p a lot as well as 4K DCI, so I had to buy the $1,500 12G).

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Wolfgang S. wrote on 12/30/2016, 2:19 AM

Please no discussion about the future of BM products. They have their market. Here we should focus to the specific issue of this thread. And since there are minor differences in Piotrs machine and mine - and since it works great for me - the focus is still what causes the playback problems for him.

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Will-Kenworthy wrote on 5/9/2018, 2:14 AM

Hi all. First post in many years. Due mostly to health issues but I'm back. So ..... Anybody familiar with the Intensity Shuttle for USB3. Have an unusual problem I have not seen before and can find no reference to it.

After capturing video (& audio) with the Intensity Shuttle, it shows up and plays fine in the included BM Media Express. However Vegas Pro 15 can't recognize the audio stream. Reports that it can't recognize it and will load up the video stream only. In the properties dialog it describes the audio as PCM, gives the bit depth and sample rate, includes all the relevant data but says it can't recognize it and won't load it.

I've tried several versions of video both 8bit and 10bit, RGB, YUV, Uncompressed, compressed to QuickTime, I just get nowhere with loading any video captured through the Intensity shuttle. I should mention all previously captured clips work fine, as well as any video downloaded. Just the video captured through BM Intensity Shuttle USB3.

I've reloaded the drivers as BM suggests, made sure to use the latest, checked that all the proper codecs are in place. Reloaded their Desktop software, I'm running out of ideas. I've never had this kind of problem before.

These are not large video files. While I started with 1080p I soon experimented with 720 HDV and even SD, all to no better results. BM is no help I haven't even got a reply back from them yet from the 3 or 4 emails I sent them.

I have a brand new Dell Precision 7510, the best computer I could afford, with an NVidia Quadro M1000M and Intel 530 onboard graphics, a second IPS 27" monitor, various external drives, MIDI interface, no audio interface yet, it is on the way. I will update my particulars as soon as I can so meanwhile I've included them here.

Also I run ACID Pro 8, Sound Forge 10, a few Cakewalk plugins left over from SONAR, I don't use the DAW any longer. I'm trying to avoid installing DaVinci Resolve. I'm a dedicated VEGAS user, since version 1, from way back in the last century. I've had every version except 14, skipped that went from 13 to 15. Very happy with VEGAS. Always have been, despite all the problems along the way. I got the Intensity Shuttle because it claimed to be compatible with VEGAS Pro 15, and obviously I had to have an interface that would work with this laptop.

I'm hoping someone else has run across this particular problem before. If this is already documented somewhere and I missed it I apologize!! Kindly point me in the right direction please. I intend to post this as a new topic or thread or whatever it's called now days.

Thank you all for your continuing support for Vegas throughout the years and I must say it feels good to have MAGIX behind VEGAS now. As I remember the bad old days of Sony Creative and while I have just arrived this seems so much better. I'm sure I will be back many times to learn much more, some for a second time, lol.

Again, Thank you all,

Will Kenworthy (willqen)


NickHope wrote on 5/9/2018, 3:41 AM

@Will-Kenworthy A MediaInfo report, or even better, a sample of your video would help. See sections C-1 to C-3 of this post.

If so4compoundplug.dll is decoding your files (per C-2 in that post), try disabling it.

Will-Kenworthy wrote on 5/9/2018, 5:08 PM

Hi Nick!

Thank you so much for responding to my request for help. I've noticed that you contribute a massive amount of very helpful material to this community. Simply astonishing, I'm very grateful to you.

I spent most of last night and today doing what I should have done before posting. I read a lot of pertinent articles that you posted here, which led me to a workaround.

The files are actually not compressed so the audio portion is straight up PCM (24bit 41.1khz) Why Vegas won't read the audio stream I haven't figured out yet, but the solution that works now is Sony Catalyst Browse which I found out about thanks to reading your FAQ article.

Catalyst has no problem with these files and I simply trans-coded them into an AVC intra codec that was available and listed right in front of my nose (lol) which is actually a pretty nice format to edit in. Certainly easy to trans-code with. I'm only dealing with SD, HDV, and 1920 x 1080 HD so no huge files or fancy codecs. Vegas handles the editing exceptionally well, and as usual things like color grading and controlling the audio levels, compressing, etc., is just a pleasure to do in Vegas.

Catalyst Browse is a nice little program that fits well into my Vegas workflow. Thank you for leading me to it! And thank you for the countless other pointers and helpful ideas that you have shared with all of us here.

I look forward to spending lot's of time lurking around here and absorbing as much information as my brain can handle.

This is a great community and we are lucky to be able to participate. Especially because everyone participates positively, well, at least most of the time, lol!

Thank you again, Nick.


NickHope wrote on 10/27/2018, 2:19 AM

The release notes for VEGAS Pro 16 Update 2 (build 307) state:

"External preview now works properly through Decklink cards in 32-bit projects"

If anyone is in a position to test this, please report your findings here.