What version of Vegas do you use ?


wafalcon wrote on 9/6/2006, 11:00 AM
I use V5.

I love Vegas, and think it can use some improvements on existing features. It would be a BIG deal if they improve already existing features.

I have sent Sony over 50 Legitimate suggestions for improving the Vegas workflow, tools, and even ideas for new features, on their product suggestion page. Hopefully they used some of my ideas.

Does anyone know if that's the right place for giving them suggestions? Because I found Porduct suggestion link in the support menu and just been sending them like 10 ideas each time, but don't really know if that's what it is there for.

Enjoy your editing!
PixelStuff wrote on 9/6/2006, 12:59 PM
I use still use Vegas 5 as the improvements in 6 didn't seem enough for me. On the other hand I am glad to see that this time around they switched to an 18 month upgrade cycle similar to Adobe. Maybe they've used the extra time to create quite a bit of improvement over the previous version.

ken c wrote on 9/6/2006, 2:05 PM
To be honest, the main reason I upgraded my Vegas was only so that I could use the Ultimate-S script from vasst.com ... I have no need for nesting nor any of the other changes incorporated from V4 to 5 to 6. V4 is / was just fine, like Sonic Foundry produced.

And the DVDA enhancements, those were good, in this latest release. I noticed an improvement, unlike using Vegas 4-5-6. The core changes to Vegas from 4 to 6 are insignificant. Minor touch ups, like changing the shape of the bumper on a car, or minor changes in the paint job. No significant render improvements "under the hood".

I'd like to really see some dramatic improvements in Vegas, re render time and significant workflow improvements. So far it's been pretty much minor stuff, and Vegas 4 is a fine platform, and provides all the core functionality anyone needs for a lifetime of video rendering/NLE work. Right?

Granted if the minor changes can shave just 20-30 hours per year off your workflow, then it's probably worth upgrading every time Sony says "jump"... so that's a consideration. Spot's (and Gary's, and the Sony) videos taught me how to use V4 so well, V4 is all I *really* need to create great video.

What would be useful would be the ability to import vobs and flvs for example, and more render speed improvements. I hope Sony will invest the time and energy needed for Vegas 8/9, to make significant, breakthrough NLE improvements. Or better pan/crop workflows.

Stuff that makes us go "WOW" instead of "hmm yeah maybe, maybe not worth upgrading, a bunch of little stuff...". I think Sony's treating Vegas like a neglected stepchild instead of a superstar "Leading product".

Still "Waiting to be wowed", Sony.

Good point Spot re we *should* try it before saying anything less than positive; it's just that in reviewing the new feature list, it again doesn't have things like improved titling and video render speed and upgraded pan/crop and all the other things we need. I hope it is impressive. But from what I saw in 5/6, it's just minor incremental improvements, again. Maybe a *breakthrough* will happen in Vegas significant feature upgrades someday. But I ain't holding my breath.

Though, I suppose the same can be said for other apps, like Dreamweaver and Fireworks, neither has improved significantly in the years I've been using them either.

rmack350 wrote on 9/6/2006, 2:34 PM
That's the right place to make suggestions, and yes, they do sometimes get into the product if they aren't impractical. Just give them lots of time to do the work.

As near as I can tell, the products seem to share some engineers. I don't think the development teams are totally separate from each other. Just a guess though.

Rob Mack
Tech Diver wrote on 9/6/2006, 2:40 PM
Currently using V6.0d and DVDA3.0c

Because of my HDV work I will definitely upgrade to V7, provided I hear that it is as stable as V6d. I can't afford to fight with software like I did for years with Pinnacle's products. I'm also waiting to see if titling has any improvements (doesn't sound that way so far). If not, I will also purchase Boris Red. Although good for some limited tasks, the free plugins just don't have the advanced 3D features I need to impress my clients.