Your raw material is on two different memory cards.

bge wrote on 7/7/2019, 3:25 PM

Hello friends out there!

I have filmed quite a long movie and used two different memory cards. My problem is that the camera name the clips from C0001 and so on which is normal. The problem is that when you put another card in the camera and start filming, the camera start naming from C0001 even for this card. When I import the clips into Vegas Pro 13, I get two clips with the same name C0001 and C0001 and this means a terrible mix of scenes in The Project Media Window, from both card 1 and card 2.

How do I solve this? Please help!

I can´t rename 1000 clips!


Kind regards

Bo Gustavsson in Sweden


j-v wrote on 7/7/2019, 4:07 PM

Try to select all the files of the second serie in Windows and than choose for the first, while all are still selected, a different name and than all selected filles get that name with a follow number as "example(1), "example(2)", aso.

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JN_ wrote on 7/7/2019, 4:10 PM

I think your simplest solution is to rename all of the clips from card 2. If card 1 finished at say 1000 then renumber card 2 content starting from 1001. When you import them again all will be well. I use “Directory Opus” file manager, you can get a trial version. There are i'm sure other renaming tools also available.

Just saw JD's post, easiest way to go.

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rraud wrote on 7/7/2019, 4:15 PM

There are lots of file renaming applications available.. free and otherwise. With one of these apps, you can batch rename the files in short order. For instance, amend the names to Cam2 (Cam2_C0001).

john_dennis wrote on 7/7/2019, 4:17 PM

"I can´t rename 1000 clips!"


1) I agree that Sony made a poor decision to associate the media series numbers with the media card instead of keeping it in the camera like Canon.

2) That would have been a 15 second video if I typed faster.

Rednroll wrote on 7/7/2019, 5:19 PM

I'll throw another suggestion into the mix. For media file management, there is nothing better than MediaMonkey in my opinion.

It supports Audio and Video file playback. It's key strength is managing and manipulating large libraries of media files. My music collection is currently approaching 40K files, renaming the entire library if I had to would be a pretty simple task.

In your particular instance I would use the "Auto Organize" feature in MM by selecting all the files on card 2, and choose "Auto Organize" files and enter in a "mask" in MM such as
"Card 2 <path>"

This would append "Card 2" onto the front of the current file name, while maintaining the current directory and original file name. MM would likely take less than 5 minutes to rename those 1000 files.

MM uses what they call "Masks", for renaming and manipulating Metadata. Here's the list to show you all the available mask options which could be applied.

It may seem a tad daunting at 1st but once you understand how to use masks in MM, this becomes a very powerful program where you can easily rename any file however you want and have it copied to any location or device at the same time if you choose.

You could even have MM easily renumber the file names as well. So say for example, Card 1's files the highest numbered file is named C1000, you could tell MM to renumber the files on card 2 using the <autonumber> mask starting at C1001, C1002, C1003, etc.

Oh....and it's a Free program. You can pay for the upgraded version and get additional features, but the Free version does 90% of what the paid version does. Paid version you get wireless syncing between devices capabilities.

For those of you into Scripting and making things even easier for often complex file management tasks, MM supports scripts and has a large community of created scripts. If you can think of something you would likely want to do with media file management, there's likely a script that's already been created if its not already built into MM.

fr0sty wrote on 7/7/2019, 9:21 PM

When I have that issue, I go to custom media bins, make a new bin for each camera angle used, then import the like-named files into their proper bins and let the bins do the separating between which C1001 is the right one.

bge wrote on 7/10/2019, 3:11 PM

When I have that issue, I go to custom media bins, make a new bin for each camera angle used, then import the like-named files into their proper bins and let the bins do the separating between which C1001 is the right one.


bge wrote on 7/10/2019, 3:14 PM

Thank´s all of you for your help. I used Windows possibilities to batch rename a big number of files. Now I can move on with the editing process. Thank´s once again!