Kevin R wrote on 10/11/2010, 11:42 AM
RE: "Hello" - no name is listed. Would people who are having issues verify this?

I verified this, and it shows only "Hello" and does show the $139 offer for me.

ONCE AGAIN, did you check if your current serial number is shown on your account under "My Account" --> "My Software"?

Otherwise, call Customer Service on the phone.
mekelly wrote on 10/11/2010, 11:47 AM
Kevin - I was only seeing 'Hello' with no name on only got the $239 price. Called Customer Service, and got the code for the $139 price.

I don't have the email though and would like to verify one more time to be sure that the offer is good till 11/30/10, is that correct?
DarrylM wrote on 10/11/2010, 11:56 AM
I was confused as many. Got no email. Go to site and it gives the $139 price. Click add to cart asks for qualifying serial number. I have received no qualifying serial number. Just for chuckles I entered my Pro 9 serial and it worked. All is good.
paul_w wrote on 10/11/2010, 11:56 AM
Im in the UK, so we use pounds you know! So why am i being asked to pay £132 (ex vat) when you guys pay $139 ? errm, thats not the current conversion rate!
Sent a customer support email, will wait and see. But i wanted to throw that out here in case anyone else can answer it. And Uk upgraders, take note. :)
jetdv wrote on 10/11/2010, 12:03 PM
I can verify that mine does NOT have a name listed on that page. If I go to My Account - My Software, it does properly list my products AND my serial numbers (and my name). If I scroll down to the bottom and click on the "Buy Now" button beside the Vegas to Vegas 10 upgrade, I go to the upgrade page but with Hello (no name) and see the higher prices. So it's very possible that is related to the issue.
tunesmith1801 wrote on 10/11/2010, 12:09 PM
I followed the email link and purchased Vegas 10 for $139. I also received the free program of my choice.

Kevin R wrote on 10/11/2010, 12:09 PM

As I posted above, my name ALSO DOES NOT appear on that page, BUT IT DOES show the lower price. I don't think it is related. My thought continues to be that the lower price depends if your account contains a record of an eligible product. Again, check "My Account" --> "My Software" and add your serial number, if needed.

Other than that, just CALL. They will handle it. Much Thx for recommending I call for the REBATE difference--they did rebate $100 for the higher price I paid at midnight!
Kevin R wrote on 10/11/2010, 12:12 PM

RE: "would like to verify one more time to be sure that the offer is good till 11/30/10, is that correct?"

To clarify, I purchased right at midnight for $239 and had to call for a rebate. As of yet, I have not received the email offer personally so I can't speak to the specifics being reported by others. I spoke up because of a security risk of sharing one's personal email offer link.

Bottom line--If you can't get the $139 offer to show up online, then just call Customer Service to see if you are eligible.
mekelly wrote on 10/11/2010, 12:14 PM
My recommendation is call as well. I was literally on the phone (actually talking to someone, not waiting for someone) for 45 seconds and got the $139 price. That's all it took to verify that I was eligible.
PLS wrote on 10/11/2010, 12:15 PM
Hi Paul W, I am in the UK, updated today and paid £103.44 and that includes VAT.
freeLANCEr wrote on 10/11/2010, 12:15 PM
Some of us seriously has a problem. I am a valid VP9 license holder together with some other SCS products. All my software are listed correctly with SCS on My Account once I log in. However, nowhere does it give me the option to make use of this wonderful promotional offer of 139USD for VP!10 upgrade with extra freebies. I have posted a mail to SCS as it is to expensive to make a call from where I live. I was hoping the forum experts would have a solution. I just hope I do qualify as I am not sure what the criteria is.
Kevin R wrote on 10/11/2010, 12:21 PM

To be sure, there is some discrepancy going on. The upgrade offer on the "My Software" page DOES NOT show the better price.

THIS LINK does show the better price for me, when logged on:

All of my serial numbers appear in "My Software" and all of my products are both ACTIVATED and REGISTERED.

Try the link above. Make sure all your software is listed on your account first and registered. Also, make sure your county and language are correct (top right, next to "Log Out"). It is also possible there is not details programmed into the website for your currency or country at this point.

If everything fails, contact Customer Service or wait for any email offer.
Kevin R wrote on 10/11/2010, 12:23 PM

I believe you can download and run the demo (you have to register your name/email). Not sure if it is crippled or full-use for 30 days.
freeLANCEr wrote on 10/11/2010, 12:34 PM
Thanks for your reply KevinR.
Your link does not give me to option to this incredible deal. It reflects 239USD.However, I noticed my login changed from "Hello MyName" to just "Hello". Reckon I will just have to wait on SCS to my mail request. This offer is just too great to miss.

I will watch the forum as well, in case someone fimds a solution. Thanks
jetdv wrote on 10/11/2010, 12:43 PM
Trust me, mine contains PLENTY of eligible products (and it lists their serial numbers).
kkolbo wrote on 10/11/2010, 12:59 PM
I you are on Facebook, go to the SCS page and the link with promo code is there.
mekelly wrote on 10/11/2010, 1:23 PM
Well there you go! I wonder if they really wanted that on their Facebook page, must have other checks and balances to ensure users are eligible for the $139 price.
paul_w wrote on 10/11/2010, 1:25 PM
PLS : how did you manage to get that? I did the maths and yes, what you have paid is exactly what i calculate! Well done there.
But when i go to 'my software' page upgrade price, it asks for 152.67 inc vat. Like 50 quid more than you.
Did you follow this email everyone is talking about or what?

reberclark wrote on 10/11/2010, 1:59 PM
I did not get the email and the offer did not show up in MY SOFTWARE even though I was signed in and completely registered and my name appeared in the "Hello."

I only stumbled on this in this thread!

So I called the toll free number (800-577-6642) and they set me up! $139.95 US! What a deal.

Plus they have free product offers (I chose SFX vols 6-10) that come with it AND it includes DVDA 5.2 as well as 32bit and 64bit versions.

This cannot be beat.
PLS wrote on 10/11/2010, 2:08 PM
Paul W, I went to the link in the very first post of this thread. If I go there now (I am logged in) the price appears as £89.95 ex VAT. I later got the email with the offer.
paul_w wrote on 10/11/2010, 2:18 PM
yep, i seeing £132.76 ex VAT when i go to that same link. Two products show, one as a download for £132 and the other as a reduced packaging box for a bit more.

Im waiting for a reply to my customer support, failing that - im on the blower!
Still no email from them, but apparently the link is the same anyway.

richard-amirault wrote on 10/11/2010, 2:58 PM
I have all four DJ SFX collections and the Sony collection has nothing that I didn't already have.

Thanks for the heads up. I also have all four DJ SFX, ... and I already own Audio Studio 10, I don't need 6 months of something I won't have the money to continue to pay after the 6 months are up, so that left the seminar series ;-)
freeLANCEr wrote on 10/11/2010, 3:06 PM
Weird. My log in page with all my license SCS software listed does not allow me to activate the 139 USD promotion... However the FACEBOOK link does. Weird
paul_w wrote on 10/11/2010, 3:27 PM
PLS: and other UK upgraders:

Ok i just picked up the phone and called my order in - it worked! So i ended up paying about £101 british pounds which is very close to what i expected to pay.
All done and resolved. UK BUYERS - JUST CALL THEM! its really easy and quick. And i got the free option too for selected products ( i got the pics and effects vol 6-10).
Use a skype phone, its ultra cheap to call.

I have no idea whats going on with the website offers as shown - even logged in, they look incorrect. I just saved 50 quid by calling!