Soniclight-2.0 wrote on 3/18/2017, 11:54 AM


While this may be more "OFF TOPIC", my 10+ years of participation always for Vegas Pro since that is what I use -- and know several members here, hence why I'm posting it in this section

In two words:

This has probably already been covered at nauseum but I've had other life priorities to tend to so am only getting around to this now. I was hoping to be able to finally login as my long-time username/account by the time I could get around to this...

But no.

I even emailed Bob Grand/Farss about this, and he sent me the instructions below - they DID NOT WORK. I even went to the German page from which I assume Bob and others got that and had it Google-translated. Nothing there has solved this issue.

When I clicked on the link in the Magix email, it went to a "nothing here" error page.

And of course, here is the irony...

2. Under Settings with this new temp account - it has the email for my old one in this temp one. What??
1. I can search and see all my own posts as "Soniclight" - but now I can only use the temp username to be here.

Then when I try to login again using my original years-long username with original password (and even re-set it to see if that worked), it says it's "taken" - of course it is. It's MINE. I started with Vega 6. And pardon my being angry, but this is no way to treat a decade long user of Vegas.

I emailed Bob because prior to that because I sent support a message - NO response.

Instructions as relayed by Bob from said page at Magix:

Here's how it works. Register at

As soon as you have entered your first name and surname, you'll be assigned a temporary username. Please do not change this username. You will get your normal SCS username back afterwards. Next, enter the email address you use to register with the SCS forum.

Go to your email inbox. You should see a welcome email with a confirmation link. Click on the link and login into the VEGAS Community. You'll then be automatically redirected to your old account and will get your old username back, along with all your threads and comments.

Here's a little TL;DR

Register with the new VEGAS Community

Use generated username temporarily

Enter old email address

Receive welcome email

Click activation link

Access your migrated account

Edit: Be aware that accounts without posts have not been migrated.***

*** Well, that should not apply to me -- I wouldn't be surprised that I have hundreds of posts as Soniclight.

And what I also do not NOT understand, is that the last time I went to the (old?) Sony software to look up my product registration using the original email used for all thing Sonic - incl. my Soniclight username, etc. -- that I could access. This make no sense. Why can't they just simplify this and recognize an email address and username used for over 10 years to cover both forum membership and product registration?

Probably howling at the wind here, but this is really discourteous. But here is the bottom line:

Why can't support just respond to a legitimate request and fix a simple database issue when asked??

Any and all constructive and workaround, solutions input very welcomed.
Thank you.

~ Philip Knight a.k.a. Soniclight


Soniclight-2.0 wrote on 3/18/2017, 11:56 AM

Just in case things have changed here in ways of which I am not aware...
Bump. Thanks.

NickHope wrote on 3/18/2017, 12:39 PM

The original thread for this issue is here:

I think you're more likely to get help by posting in that thread as the Magix guys in Germany are more likely to be watching there (during the working week!).

Soniclight-2.0 wrote on 3/18/2017, 1:58 PM

Thanks, Nick - your name sound familiar :)
I will post a slightly edited copy of the following over there, but might as well do so here also.

But from what I read over at that thread, it doesn't solve anything for me - yet. This catching my eye:

"Did you receive the welcome mail after the registration? You'll find a restore button in that mail..."

The temp registration was done with another email account and that one didn't have the "restore" option. Then I got one through my old Sony email account that did - but it only lead to a page with...

(BTW I made screenshots for the three pages mentioned, tried upload - "Error uploading." Great...)

Whatever you are looking for.
Definitely isn't here.

No login or register part on upper far right.

Below that error page is the blue "BACK TO START PAGE". I click on that, but just get I returned to the generic Vegas Pro page - showing my temp username and login.

So I log out, log back in using the same original email for my old profile, and once again, it ends up as my temp account email-login.

Around and around this goes to...


Soniclight-2.0 wrote on 3/18/2017, 2:06 PM

PS: I thought the page over at that thread was shorter - didn't see further discussion. I'll see of what BruceUSA said as last post there. Hopefully I'll get this resolved. Or as I wrote in my next post...

Soniclight-2.0 wrote on 3/18/2017, 2:13 PM

OK, well for now, I saw I could change my username - so I've used my old username adding "-2.0." Maybe that will just have to do. There is only so much ?!!@@!!? I can or want to spend on this.

BuzzDee wrote on 3/20/2017, 4:45 AM

Sorry for the inconvenience, im looking into this issue. As 1st Step i did resend the welcome mail to check the link, so you should receive it again soon - just ignore please.

Olli wrote on 3/20/2017, 8:46 AM


The recovery link should work now. Please make sure that you are logged off from your current account.

Soniclight-2.0 wrote on 3/20/2017, 11:31 AM

@BuzzDee & Olli:

Thank you for your attention to this. I did open the Welcome email, but I am holding off for right now. Reason:

What happens to the two questions I've posed under this temp "Soniclight-2.0" account? The registration email is the same as my 10 y.o. "Soniclight" one. Will they be folded in as part of my original account, or will I lose access to them? My guess is one cannot have two accounts using identical email address.

So for now, I'll do nothing and stick with this temp one.
Thank you/Danke.


BuzzDee wrote on 3/20/2017, 11:50 AM

No worries, posts in this "temp" account arent touched. What happens if you hit the restore link is that your old posts are linked to your new account and u get your old nickname back.

Soniclight-2.0 wrote on 3/20/2017, 12:10 PM

@BuzzDee - Thank you for the info. Got to admit I'm a bit nervous doing it, but I'll just have to find the guts to do it some time today - lol. NRN/No reply needed.

Soniclight-2.0 wrote on 3/21/2017, 1:54 PM


Perhaps I did the wrong order of things - or not. Either way, the only way I can login is to this temp account. What I attempted:

--- I clicked on the "Restore profile now" blue table/button in the Welcome email -- which lead to a URL with a long alphanumeric sequence after "recovery/". But:

--- The page showed absolutely nothing - white page, no text, not even a standard 404 page error. I had AdBlocker on, so turned it off, refreshed. Same result. Went back to email, clicked again on restore link to open new URL tab in browser, same result.

--- Then noticed a sentence above the Restore profile box in email "You can restore your old SCS forum account by simply clicking on the following link. You will first need to register with your previously created VEGAS Community account."

So then....

--- I tried to log in with my old Soniclight using its original password. Login field does not recognize usernames, only email addresses. No-go. Then tried to register anew as instructed above. Result: Red table with white font warning: "This username is not available" - ergo, locked out from my own original username and account.

Again, I'm using the same email address for both original and temp accounts. Only the new/temp password works, thus still keeping me limited to this temp account. The identical email address should be a clue that I am the one and same person for both original and temp accounts. Because...

That's the e-address through which I received the Welcome w/restore email from Magix.

So now what?
Thank you.

NickHope wrote on 3/22/2017, 1:01 AM


The recovery link should work now. Please make sure that you are logged off from your current account.

Did you log off from your current account before clicking the restore profile button?

Soniclight-2.0 wrote on 3/22/2017, 12:15 PM

Thanks for follow up, Nick.

To make sure, I followed that route exactly starting once again from clicking the restore in the email. This time it wasn't a blank page. But... still no-go. Attached are screenshots (also parked at my Google Drive) of what I've termed as "Option 1" and "Option 2".

The first where I landed through the above process with those two "options":

The right "Option 2: Result" labeled one seems to be what the email instructs to do - register using original Sony membership username and password. As you can see in that screenshot including both "options", I'm locked out the moment I type in my own original username ("not available").

The second screenshot is the result of trying to log in through the left-side option on the first screenshot. Knew it wouldn't work, but figured I'd try anyway.

Hopefully our Deutsche Freunde at Magix can assist.

Soniclight-2.0 wrote on 3/22/2017, 12:18 PM

PS: Pardon having to go off-forum to view screenshots. Hopefully I'll figure out how to embed images and/or videos as at the old board. Maybe there is an equivalent of the sticky from the old forum with extra/usable mark-up language/tags to do so.

john_dennis wrote on 3/22/2017, 12:27 PM

"how to embed images"

Soniclight-2.0 wrote on 3/22/2017, 1:00 PM

Thanks, john-dennis. I amended my post as per tip, leaving in alternative Google Drive link just in case they don't embed for a visitor/member as per upload mode. NRN.