Cancelling a Render

MorelleNoir wrote on 3/8/2020, 3:57 PM


I was wondering if it were possible to cancel a render in the Magix Vegas scripting api?

I have tried a few things: Using the CancelAsynchronousTasks() function will do the job but every consecutive render will get cancelled as well. So if I cancel one render, use my script again and start rendering, that render will also get cancelled.

So I thought that I could use RenderArgs, which has a property called CancelRender. That one does nothing. When a render is in progress it does nothing, when I set it before rendering to true it does nothing, it basically does nothing.

Is there a way to cancel a render or will I have to live with simply not being able to with a script?


P.S.: I simply wanted to replace the render window (which may also be impossible)


walter-i. wrote on 3/8/2020, 4:12 PM

Have you ever tried the SEMW extension?
It adds an additional window to the render dialog where you can pause rendering.

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j-v wrote on 3/8/2020, 4:17 PM

Which Vegas script are we talking about?

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MorelleNoir wrote on 3/8/2020, 5:39 PM

First of all, thank you for the replies :)

I am looking for a way to cancel a render in the code and not via a different extension. I have written my own script for that but sadly that particular function still eludes me.

I am not talking about a script that is already in Vegas :)