Feature Request section? NESTED PROJECTS tool needed

Glenn-C wrote on 11/25/2021, 6:21 AM

I do a LOT of nested projects within master timelines because I do a lot of film restoration work requiring separate projects per shot. Often, the nested projects somehow detach from their media files, meaning I have to go through and open EVERY NESTED PROJECT and reattach them, which is ridiculous.

VP needs a Nested Project Tool where you can tell multiple projects to rediscover their media, in one fell swoop, much like when the program pops up the "Missing Media" when opening a project, where it asks you various options on where to locate media.

  • VP18 (521) purchased
  • Win 10
  • Nvidida GTX 1660ti
  • Lenovo Y545


walter-i. wrote on 11/25/2021, 7:31 AM

The thread in which the feature requests are collected is located here: