how to add a background jpg file

Simplest2remember wrote on 4/26/2023, 2:57 AM

I feel such a schoolboy posting this - this should be so simple.

I can drag a jpg (or png) background to the top track in my project - but it simply doesn't show up in the video preview. Everything else shows up in the video preview, just not the static jpg background file (even when on top) - it is simply invisible. I have tried resetting all my settings to default, importing the file in different ways, deleting all other files in the project, and many other things over the last few hours, and - even - restarting my laptop - but I remain beaten. Badly beaten.

The (obvious to everyone else) solution would be very welcome.



Simplest2remember wrote on 4/26/2023, 3:06 AM

Answer: (will leave here despite the nagging shame) - solo was always off for that track

RogerS wrote on 4/26/2023, 3:44 AM

Glad you figured it out- I've certainly done that myself.

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walter-i. wrote on 4/26/2023, 3:47 AM

You are not alone - sometimes you can't see the forest for the trees 😁😂👍

Grazie wrote on 4/26/2023, 3:55 AM

Sometimes the T-Rex obliterates both Trees and the Forest.

walter-i. wrote on 4/26/2023, 5:27 AM

Sometimes the T-Rex obliterates both Trees and the Forest.

Sometimes also the human.........😥