How to Organize FX

IAM4UK wrote on 7/10/2018, 9:09 AM

There's a nice little tutorial on this site about categorizing Video fx more logically. Here's its link:

However, I cannot find how to organize fx within the Vegas Pro Video fx window nor plug-in chooser. I can create a new folder with the name I choose, and that folder will be present in the Video fx window. I can save one or more fx (in a chain) as a "filter package," but that can only be saved in the subfolder called "Filter Packages."

How can the user copy fx into new folders the user has created within the fx "structure?"


walter-i. wrote on 7/11/2018, 2:39 PM

It is an old demand, both Sony and Magix, that you could do that, but unfortunately not (yet) implemented.
The structure from Set would be great, also in my opinion.