How to render a lossless audio still image video in Sony Vegas pro 17?

Eddie-Valentin wrote on 2/12/2021, 11:19 PM

I want to specifically render a lossless audio still image video and I want it to sound just like audio file when you play it. I don’t want to re encode the audio could it be the Sony Vegas plugins/folder? I want it lossless audio in the still image video when rendering. Thank you


Dexcon wrote on 2/13/2021, 4:59 AM

Though there may have been an issue with language translation, it seems that you want to create a project with just a single video image but with an audio track that when the project is rendered there will be no compression applied to the original audio track. Is this correct?

It would be most helpful if you could post MediaInfo of your audio media as well as any other pertinent information that applies to your project as per

BTW, there is no such product as Sony Vegas Pro 17 - the last version from Sony was version 13 some 5 or so years ago -


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rraud wrote on 2/13/2021, 9:40 AM

What is the destination of the video? In most online and streaming instances, PCM audio (uncompressed, lossless) is not an option. A high bit-rate lossy audio format usually has good quality, but it depends on the destination.