Noise reduction options

dale-garman wrote on 12/18/2016, 5:01 PM

I'm wondering what noise reduction options have been found useful to use with Vegas Pro 14. Of course there is Sound Forge or Izotope which are quite expensive. I'm intrigued with spectral type tools as it seems that can help isolate some irritating background noises, but I also had some footage where an A/C kicked on and created a background hum for part of the track. Would like something that integrates well into the Vega Pro workflow and maybe there are limited choices here, not sure. I see Magix has a less expensive tool called MAGIX Audio Cleaning Lab which seems interesting and is less cost. But I can't tell how well it would integrate into Vegas Pro and how good the tools really are. Any help would be appreciated.


NickHope wrote on 12/18/2016, 9:53 PM

WAVES X-Noise is simple and works well in Vegas. Still $199 though! There is also Z-Noise.

fr0sty wrote on 12/18/2016, 9:58 PM

Edit: My bad, audio noise reduction... thought you meant video.

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Grazie wrote on 12/19/2016, 4:56 AM

Erm... Just for fun I had a go with the Original "Sony" NR in VP14. It works a treat. It''s removing Wind gusts, and allowing for some unheard bird songs to burst through - nice.😏

heg wrote on 12/19/2016, 5:02 AM

You can't go wrong with  now with 20% off at $79.95



Grazie wrote on 12/19/2016, 5:07 AM

You can't go wrong with  now with 20% off at $79.95

Wow, Heg - that looks well groovy!

rraud wrote on 12/19/2016, 10:26 AM

NR-2.0 works pretty good on din type noise. I don't know if it is bungled w/ Vegas pro. It is w/ Sound Forge pro.

Otherwise SoundSoap was free. I currently do not have a link to it or know the availability.

ByronK wrote on 12/19/2016, 9:40 PM

Free recording software Audacity has a noise reduction plug-in.

Tchak wrote on 12/21/2016, 8:47 AM

Free recording software Audacity has a noise reduction plug-in.

I agree with ByronK. Audacity is excellent for eliminating background noise. Just highlight a sample area of noise and apply it to the rest of the clip. Even I can do that!

NickHope wrote on 2/13/2017, 10:20 PM

A free VST option is the ReaFir plugin, which is part of ReaPlugs. Use its "Subtract" mode. Thanks to GJeffrey for finding this. When I installed th 64-bit version it automatically went into the C:\Program Files\Steinberg\VstPlugins folder. I moved the ReaPlugs folder into C:\Program Files\Vstplugins where my other 64-bit VSTs are (and which is my only VST search folder in Preferences > VST Effects).

megabit wrote on 2/13/2017, 10:42 PM

Plus, it works in Resolve, too...


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Grazie wrote on 2/14/2017, 2:37 AM

I've heard of Reaper for a long time. I'm looking through their VidTutorials, and good heavens what a package this is. I'm going to track down a vidtute on Background Noise redux.

Great find!

songsj wrote on 2/27/2017, 8:49 PM

I wish the Waves restore bundle would go on sale. Worked well on some things I tried it on.