Please Make Vegas Pro 12 Compatible for Mac!!!!!

chris honoway wrote on 2/29/2012, 12:47 AM
Im gonna make this short. Adobe woke up and has their entire suite on a Mac platform when will Sony wake up?!?! Im forced to use Final Cut 7 (which I hate) and Final Cut X (which I hate even more)

I've used Vegas since 2005 and I can finish projects that are better looking and with ease on Vegas compared to any Final Cut incarnation and AT A FRACTION OF THE TIME!

I don't know what you guys are waiting for but hopefully somebody has an answer for me why they don't have Vegas for Macs.


farss wrote on 2/29/2012, 1:14 AM
To convert an app such as Vegas to run under OSX is no trivial task.
If you want a more detailed answer look into how many hoops Adobe had to jump through to get their suite back onto the Mac platform.

edenilson wrote on 2/29/2012, 4:57 AM
yes , please vegas for mac.
ushere wrote on 2/29/2012, 5:23 AM
for goodness sake, why!?

exactly what would be the benefit? ah, not having to worry about a right mouse click? pay exorbitant prices for limited upgradable hardware?

i mean really, please explain what advantage it would offer.....

*this is not a flame - i have 3 mac's here, (macbook pro, imac (ha!) and a macpro) though i rarely use them anymore.
PhillB wrote on 2/29/2012, 5:35 AM
The only advantage for Sony would be their developers would be coding for a known and controlled platform which you would think would help with stability.If you read the the forums of MAC based FCP and premier etc these products are not as stable as you might imagine and in my opinion don't come close to Vegas for ease of use.

Vegas on a MAC ? would certainly have my interest. Maybe one day.
Maybe now is the time for Sony to consider investing.

Never gona happen - Never is a long time!
John_Cline wrote on 2/29/2012, 5:50 AM
It is never going to happen. Vegas (and most all Windows software) is built by calling subroutines built into Windows itself, these are the "application programming interfaces" (API.)

These include things like file systems, devices, processes and threads, and error handling, provides functionality for outputting graphical content to monitors, printers and other output devices, provides the functionality to create and manage screen windows and most basic controls, such as buttons and scrollbars, receive mouse and keyboard input, and other functionality associated with the GUI part of Windows. Provides applications the standard dialog boxes for opening and saving files, choosing color and font, etc. Gives applications access to some advanced controls provided by the operating system. These include things like status bars, progress bars, toolbars and tabs. And this is a over-simplification of what's going on, there's more, too.

MAC software is written using the MAC API, which is fundamentally different than the Windows API. Vegas would have to be rewritten essentially from scratch to access the MAC API and that doesn't make a lot of sense since the MAC only has about 10% of the market at best.

Bottom line, it makes no financial sense for SCS to make a MAC version. Adobe has MUCH deeper pockets than SCS and they could afford to make MAC versions of their software. I don't know how well that's paying off for them.
nedski wrote on 2/29/2012, 7:18 AM
I believe that Adobe has written software for Apple since the introduction of the Macintosh. It is probably why some people still say "...Mac is better for graphics." This was true then, I believe it hasn't been true for a long time! Macs are still good, don't get me wrong, I'm not bashing them, I just don't think they have any major advantages over well made Windows computers.

I just checked the Amazon sales ranking for Adobe Photoshop, the Windows version is at #45 and the Mac version is at #71. Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum 11 is ranked #53. So Amazon sells more copies of Vegas Movie Studio than it sells of the Mac version of Photoshop, very interesting!

So I agree that it would likely be a waste of resources for SCS to create a Mac version of Vegas.

IMHO Sony should include a copy of Vegas Pro with EVERY Sony camcorder over ~$1000 and include Vegas Movie Studio with all camcorders under ~$1000. I think there would be many more converts to Vegas this way!
Chienworks wrote on 2/29/2012, 7:30 AM
As recently as last fall i've still run into Mac users who vehemently proclaim, "you can't do anything artistic such as music or video or graphics with Windows; you can only do that stuff on a Mac".

Then i open up my Acer running Windows and proceed to record/create/edit music, edit & play video, touch up photographs, draw diagrams, etc. The slack jawed response is usually, "how can you do that?" ... followed by an even more astounded response of, "it was that cheap??!?!?! why did i pay so much for my computer and software?"
ChipGallo wrote on 2/29/2012, 8:13 AM
I like it not being on my Mac. Then I have to be "more creative" about getting simple edits done. Seriously though, SCS has enough on their hands with the versions they support now.
VidMus wrote on 2/29/2012, 10:19 AM
John_Cline says, "It is never going to happen. Vegas (and most all Windows software) is built by calling subroutines built into Windows itself, these are the "application programming interfaces" (API.) "

Take one easy guess what happens when a Windows and/or other update changes API(s) in such a way that is unexpected by Vegas?

There is a reason why I do not have automatic updates on!

Also, if a Windows or other install causes the API(s) to simply not be what Vegas expects then one could easily have problems.

Designing a software around evolving API's can be quite a chore!

When an API gets corrupted or damaged by whatever, then all kinds of problems can and most likely will happen.

And with all the various versions of Windows to keep up with it is quite easy to miss something.

As I said in the past, My system has a Windows Vista Ultimate 64 bit install that was upgraded to Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit. I can install and run certain software's that an install of Windows 7 Ultimate by itself cannot install and run! There are components of Vista on my system that are NOT on systems with an install of Windows 7 only. There are versions of Windows 7 that have what other versions do not have. At least are not available.

That is probably at least one reason why my system is 100% stable with Vegas and others are not.

Vegas may be looking at API's that Vista has that are not there with a Windows 7 only install and/or expecting API's to be a certain way they are on Vista and are not on Windows 7 only.

With all of the variations out there I am not the least bit surprised that Vegas works fine on one system and not others. Even before version 11 there were systems that had problems and others that did not. There were those who had events being replaced and those who did not. In Vegas 11 SCS found a way to solve that particular problem at least for the most part.

Would these problems not be the case on a Mac? I sincerely doubt it!
JohnnyRoy wrote on 2/29/2012, 11:45 AM

Vegas Pro is the only reason I still have a Windows PC around. Everything else I do is on a Mac, including web surfing and news/forum reading which is primarily done from my iPad. Once the new Mac Pro's are released with Ivy Bridge later this year, that last Windows PC will get the boot and I'll run bootcamp instead just for Vegas.

I would love to see Vegas Pro for Mac. Had it been there when Apple released FCP X, Vegas could have gotten a lot of attention because FCP X looks and behaves a lot like Vegas but Vegas has tons more professional functionality. Instead, Adobe and Avid was the only choice for disgruntled FCP 7 editors and that is sad. (opportunity lost) :(

robwood wrote on 2/29/2012, 11:57 AM
it'll never happen.
VanLazarus wrote on 2/29/2012, 12:24 PM
This will not happen. The only chance would be if Vegas becomes one of the dominant editors, and Sony was doing a complete code rewrite for the PC version.... Then they'd maybe build both from the ground up. But I think pigs have a better chance of flying.
[r]Evolution wrote on 2/29/2012, 1:36 PM
Vegas is already compatible for Mac!

OS X + Bootcamp = Vegas on a Mac
That's what I currently run/edit on.

I tried running Vegas on my Mac w/Windows 7 via a Virtual Machine (Parallels & VMWare Fusion) but it didn't run very smoothly. I now run W7 natively via Bootcamp and am very happy in having a workstation w/ Adobe Master Collection for both OS X & W7, FCP & FCPx on OS X, Media Composer on OSX & W7, & Vegas on W7.

Information I've come across says it's less of a hassle to run Windows on a Mac than to install OS X on a PC.

HyperMedia wrote on 2/29/2012, 1:36 PM
Neski...I'd mention that several years back. SCS have included software with Sony cameras and it is working. In addition....different models on Vaio computer system. Just look at YouTube videos and count how many are using Sony Vegas! That really tell you about who is using Vegas.
HyperMedia wrote on 2/29/2012, 1:50 PM
Hi John...I see Mac everywhere now. That 10% was 5 year ago. More like 30%-40% now. Mac is now running in all the school pertaining to a Creative Art programs. I see Mac promoted in mostly Hollywood movies and reality shows. I think 80% of the time.
Geoff_Wood wrote on 2/29/2012, 1:55 PM
Because Apple is the iAntichrist.

Geoff_Wood wrote on 2/29/2012, 1:56 PM
"exactly what would be the benefit?"

We could all pay more for everything and be smug, reassured of our "creativeness". Because we all know that create peopel are iDdicts.

Geoff_Wood wrote on 2/29/2012, 1:58 PM
Yep, their marketing department is very clever.

rcdanek wrote on 2/29/2012, 2:01 PM
I have a Mac Pro. It's one of the earlier Intel versions (1,1). When I upgraded to Lion, I had to lose my Windows XP partition. I figured that was OK because I was planning on switching to FCP X. When I completed the upgrade, I went to the Apps store and tried to purchase FCP X. The App store examined my computer and told me my graphics card wasn't powerful enough.


The App store refused to let me purchase FCP X. I would need to upgrade my graphics card and that's not cheap in the Apple world.

So, I learned that it was cheaper for me to buy Windows 7 and upgrade to Vegas Pro 10. I did that. The thing is, I really like W7 and half the time I use my Mac Pro running Windows. I have MacDrive installed so I have full access to all my disks (the NT partition where Windows lives and all the Mac disks).

So, I run Vegas on my Mac and am quite happy with it.

So far, W7 hasn't given me any problems. I know that, from my experience, the longer you have it installed, a Microsoft operating system seems to slow down. I hope that's not the case with W7.
Jay Gladwell wrote on 2/29/2012, 2:40 PM

"That 10% was 5 year ago. More like 30%-40% now."

Speculation (wishful thinking) on your part. Hyperbole serves no useful purpose.

Actually, Apple's market share in the first quarter of 2010 was 3.3 million units compared to 88 million PC units.

You do the math. Doesn't even come remotely close to 30%-40%.


"Mac platform reaches 15-year high with 5% worldwide market share." Published Wednesday, November 16, 2011 (Charlie Wolf of Needham & Co.).

Terje wrote on 3/1/2012, 5:45 AM
>> More like 30%-40% now

You are off by an order of magnitude. Mac market share is still well below 10%. I doubt it will ever grow significantly higher.
nedski wrote on 3/1/2012, 6:46 AM

"I run Vegas on my Mac and am quite happy with it."

"Vegas is already compatible for Mac! OS X + Bootcamp = Vegas on a Mac"

"Once the new Mac Pro's are released with Ivy Bridge later this year, that last Windows PC will get the boot and I'll run bootcamp instead just for Vegas."

This is very odd. It seems as if folks don't understand that the only essential thing that makes an Apple Macintosh PC different from PC's manufactured by companies such as Dell or HP is the operating system. They all use Intel (or compatible) CPU's, they all use disk drives, RAM, graphics chips from third parties. Apple, Dell, HP and others all use these core components made by other companies. The major PC manufacturers, including Apple, only add a few finishing touches to the hardware. These finishing touches may please the eye of the beholder but they have a minimal impact, if any, on performance.

Apple uses it's own proprietary operating system OS X, the rest use Microsoft Windows.

Using the Microsoft Windows OS on an Apple PC does NOT equal "running Vegas on a Mac." It is now a "Windows PC" assembled by Apple Inc.

JJKizak wrote on 3/1/2012, 7:03 AM
Mac people are different. My uncle had is old Mac for 10 years. I sent him some pictures and he said they looked real funny. I then looked at them and they only had 4 colors. Turned out his video card could only handle 4 colors. I explained to him that after 3 years computers go to the junk pile. He then bought Dell labtops.
PeterWright wrote on 3/1/2012, 7:03 AM
> " I'm forced to use Final Cut 7 (which I hate) and Final Cut X (which I hate even more) "

Who forced you to buy a Mac?