Remove music? Sound levels?


EfGe wrote on 7/4/2022, 3:19 PM

You might also consider the simplistic approach of manual ducking... by throwing a volume envelope on your audio track and using breakpoints to lift the voice parts of the waveform and/or pulling down the background stuff in between. The waveform for voice can usually can be distinguished visually and confirmed by listening. If you select the voice sections with a mouse-click/drag, grabbing the envelope with the Normal Edit Tool will insert the breakpoints for you making the process pretty easy once you get the hang of it.

while slower, that would be a better (quality wise) solution, if not for one thing. last time I tried it i found the volume envelope changing as it felt like it, when cutting events. it might be a good and slower solution when there is no chance of further editing the video, but not something I can afford to rely on.


flyerstl wrote on 7/27/2022, 1:05 PM

@EfGe, think of it this way. You're given a cake - but now you want to remove the sugar and flour. Not an easy prospect. Software has improved but you have to remember that some of the music is going to be in the same frequency range as the voice.

I have some footage where the wind overpowered the voice. I've gotten surprisingly good results using the eFX Vocal Strip audio effect in VEGAS Pro 19 using the Female Voiceover Soft preset.

I LOVE the cake metaphor. It perfectly explains why you can't 'unmix' audio (video editors use the term 'flatten' and you often can't 'unflatten' a photo or video without recreating much of it.

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