The release notes for VEGAS Effects/Image 4 ?


NickHope wrote on 9/29/2022, 6:35 AM

For previous releases I was often only able to find them from the "See what's new" window that could be opened during the installation. I never found another way to access that information again once that window had been dismissed.

If anyone can find them I will add them to the release notes posts for VEGAS Effects and VEGAS Image.

VEGASDerek wrote on 9/29/2022, 12:37 PM

We are not great about distributing you go:

VEGAS Effects 4

  • Improved performance and enhanced usability for the Puppet effect.
  • Improved support for a wider range of TIFF image files, including higher bit depths.
  • New user preference to enable or disable mouse wheel scrolling in dropdown menus.


  • Adjusted the timing of the render progress indicator in the Viewer panel.
  • Boris FX Sapphire OFX plugins no longer cause stability issues.
  • Merged audio files now save with relative file paths, when relative file paths are enabled.
  • Out of date GPU driver checks are now more reliable.
  • Playing past the end of the timeline cache when scope effects are in use no longer causes stability issues.
  • Importing media files with unsupported video streams no longer causes stability issues.
  • File paths in the 3D Model properties dialog now show correctly per platform.
  • Scopes now render more accurately at reduced Paused Resolutions.
  • Rotate By Layer behavior now works for layers placed anywhere in a composite shot.
  • Auto Stabilizer now reloads correctly when a project containing the effect is opened.
  • Geometry effects are now labeled to indicate they are Text Layer only effects.
  • Custom height dimensions in the Project Settings dialog are now remembered when the dialog is closed.
  • Playing HEVC footage on a PC without HEVC support no longer causes stability issues.
  • Multiple VEGAS Effects instances are no longer launched after changing settings which require a restart.
  • Text input using the Input Method Editor (IME) now works more smoothly.
  • Improved decoding of MP4 files using the Windows native H.264 decoder.
  • An autosave being processed while the Home screen is displayed no longer causes stability issues.
  • Masks can now be added after creating a composite shot with the Layer panel visible.
  • Proxy rendering now supports a wider range of media files.
  • Adjusting the Master Audio Level on systems with mixed resolution displays no longer causes stability issues.
  • Mask selection bounding boxes now render more consistently in composite shots containing a camera.
  • Usage of the media and timeline caches is now recalculated after the caches are deleted.
  • Resolved some rendering artefacts in the Rough Edges effect.
  • Deleting a transition from a clip no longer causes the clip name to duplicate.
  • Placement of the active panel outline on the Viewer is now more accurate.
  • The Viewer should now update when the software is moved between standard and High DPI displays on Windows.
  • Resolved some rendering artefacts in Ambient Occlusion.
  • Enabling Ambient Occlusion no longer removes reflections from the layer.
  • Resetting the workspace with the Layer panel active no longer results in a blank Viewer panel.
  • The Layer panel no longer goes blank after scrubbing with the Viewer panel visible.
  • Tabbing through the Media Properties dialog now moves through the properties in the correct order.
  • The checkboxes for enabling or disabling proxy options can now be triggered by clicking their labels.
  • Tabbing through the Interface tab of the Options dialog now moves through the options in the correct order.
  • Checkboxes in the Display tab of the Options dialog are now linked to the correct labels.
  • VEGAS Effects now launches correctly on systems with DisplayLink installed.
  • Fixed a typo in the menu which opens when you right-click a project file.
  • Exporting camera data no longer shows a warning dialog when completed successfully.
  • All transition properties now correctly display as not animatable.
  • Duplicating an export task no longer appends [2] to the file name when not necessary.
  • Improved the link between height and width in the project settings, so they update in tandem more accurately.
  • Offset From properties in the Text effect now rotate correctly.
  • The Lock Aspect button no longer stops working when the width meets the maximum available dimension.
  • Duplicating an effect while the mask picker is selected no longer causes stability issues.
  • Transparency in 8-bit indexed images is now supported.
  • Updated the styling of the crosshair icon used for positioning on the Viewer, so it is more visible on white backgrounds.
  • Fixed a typo in the Timecode effect.
  • Drop frame rates are now handled more accurately.
  • Projects with multiple composite shots open now correctly remember the order of the composite shot tabs.


VEGAS Image 4

  • Redesigned the project list on the home screen.
  • Improved the softness of Area masks to behave more intuitively.
  • Improved the resize controls of Area masks to be easier to use.
  • You can now individually lock masks and effects to prevent accidental changes.
  • Updating a Vector Mask no longer disables the mask and allows you to see the effect of the mask in real-time.
  • You can now hold shift while adding vector mask points to snap lines to 15º increments.
  • Added a reset button for mask items, making it easier to reset a mask.
  • Improved the project recovery dialog by having a background checkboard for partially transparent images.
  • Made it easier to hide and show 2nd monitor preview.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where unlocking a locked group would also unlock all children, instead of respecting locked children.
  • Fixed an issue where masks on disabled effects were still editable.
  • Files used for effects can now be relinked on load.
  • Fixed a rendering issue on Lens Distortion for AMD GPUs.
  • Fixed some issues regarding right-click context menus showing outside of the screen.
  • Fixed some issues with incorrect icon usage.
  • Fixed issues with some PSD files not loading correctly.
  • Fixed issues with some TIF images not loading correctly.
  • Fixed some rendering issues with the Gaussian blur.
  • Fixed issues with Clone brush and Healing brush not updating correctly when the canvas is cropped.
  • Fixed an issue with the Brush radius changing incorrectly with canvas size.
  • Fixed an issue with the gradient mask center point not updating when the canvas is cropped.
  • Fixed an issue with multiple renders when an asset is relinked.
  • Fixed an issue with the shift key not working correctly sometimes on layer controls
  • Fixed an issue with undoing the font color of text layers.
  • Fixed an issue with sometimes being unable to close the name tag menu in the export panel.
  • Fixed the grammar on the updates label.
  • Improved the preview for the Shadows & Highlights effect.
  • Fixed issue with dividers in dropdowns not being hidden correctly.


lan-mLMC wrote on 9/29/2022, 12:57 PM

@VEGASDerek It seems that you missed these? :

VEGAS Effects :


New Stroke effect for painting lines along paths.

New Vector Stroke effect for creating vector lines or patterns along paths.

New Freehand Path tool is perfect for creating open paths to use with the new stroke effects.

VEGAS Image :


Added a new clipping masks feature. This feature gives layers the ability to clip to other layers in order to define their visual boundaries. Perfect for masking layers using complex shapes or images.

Added a new lasso mask feature. This mask can be used to quickly draw a rough shape or loop around parts of your image.

Added a new magnetic lasso mask feature. This mask automatically snaps to the edges of items in the image to allow you quickly and precisely mask part of the image.