time for those Vegas 7 wishes...


jetdv wrote on 12/5/2005, 11:22 AM
Main newbe's question again and again - where is a split button?

Here's a script that you can add to the toolbar which will split all events at the cursor location. It is described in Vol 3 #3 of the newsletters. It currently works with ALL events under the cursor but could easily be modified to work only with selected events.
Konrad wrote on 12/5/2005, 10:13 PM
10-Bit & DVCproHD Support.

It's been 13 years since I used a Mac on a daily basis. Five of those years were working for Microsoft. Please keep me from having to go back to a Mac!
Quryous wrote on 12/6/2005, 8:06 AM
Please, Santa: A dual mode stabilizer:

Mode 1: General scene stabilization
Mode 2: Lock on object and make THAT object the center of stabilization.
JJKizak wrote on 12/6/2005, 8:23 AM
That's a great idea. Also able to diffirentiate color changes in the at least 16 million mode. Right now "Deshaker" can't tell the difference between yellow green grass and green grass. Thats why you get patches of grass girating around uncorrected for motion. Drives me nuts.

MohammeD T wrote on 12/6/2005, 5:42 PM
i would like to see an option that would make a copy of all Media i used in a Project and put those in a File so i could backup those without me going to every drive in my PC and Copy-Paste what i used in my project ,, it could be a button over the Project Media that says: Create Directory File for Project Meida .. !

i Love Sony Vegas ..
jetdv wrote on 12/6/2005, 6:01 PM
i would like to see an option that would make a copy of all Media i used in a Project and put those in a File so i could backup those without me going to every drive in my PC and Copy-Paste what i used in my project ,, it could be a button over the Project Media that says: Create Directory File for Project Meida .. !

You mean like File - Save As and check the box "Copy and Trim media"?
Coursedesign wrote on 12/6/2005, 6:48 PM
Ummm, sounds like it's time for a better manual.

How many times do the most common 500 user questions have to be repeated before Sony understands that a Good Vegas Manual would give them better word of mouth, more customer referrals, reduced support costs, and REDUCED AGGRAVATION for everybody?

I have always found the Vegas user manuals to be worthless (I only know them since V3), and get by with the online help, but I have cursed it many times.

It's a serious project to create a good quality manual within a reasonable time frame, but if it was authorized now, it could easily be done in time for the V7 release.

What a shock that would be!

I am aware that there are 3rd party books, but IMHO they don't replace what an adequate manual would offer.
PeterWright wrote on 12/6/2005, 7:18 PM
Yes, I think it's not so much the Manual as the INDEX that needs work.

There's lots of good info in there, but it's often hard to find.
ibliss wrote on 12/6/2005, 9:50 PM
I've always been a fan of a search in the in-built help - for example, typing in the phrase 'save all media' brings up a list of entries, one of which is 'saving and renaming a project'. It details saving using the 'copy and trim' feature. Got to be faster than posting and waiting for a reply (though this board is pretty fast!)

Not trying to 'show off' or say that a better manual isn't needed, just can't say that I've missed it for the most part.
Padre wrote on 12/7/2005, 4:39 AM
- Hyperthreaded AC3 rendering...
- import gradients to the cookie cutter filter
- timecode display of the actual tape clip within the properties or on the timeline itself (at the moment the only way to see actual timecode is throgh external preview...
- Audio style auto keyframing. If set right, The surround panner automaticall records your keys as the panner moves, id like this same feature in th efilters and track motion/event pan crop
- scaling comparison.. for eg, if i have a HDV edit, and i am workin on sd delivery, id like to know the relative difference in frame size and be able to reframe my sho tin relation to the SD frame withn the HDV fram.. Liquid 6 does this and shows u a small SD frame on a HDV timeline... u can either run the sd footage natively, or u can scale it up and see the difference.. would be good if vegas could do this.. good for those who shoot in HDV then reframe later for SD..
- support for DVCPro HD and the Pana MXF format.
- second monitor preview shouldnt rearrange my desktop icons...
- percentile readout of the time stretch for my cntrl drag slowmos. At the moment to see a visible display of how much youve slowed a clip down u must retain teh audio track and view it that way.. or click on the video clips properties and go into the properties to view the playback rate... id like the playback rate visible on the clip itself.. its on teh audio, so i dnt seee why they cant put it on teh video..
- A white balance lock function, or auto white balance, or white balance match filter. At teh moment, theres an auto levels 3rd party plug in, but theres no locking functin, so it fluctuates.
-A colour pass filter (saves using the second CC)
- Image stabiliser

- umm.. theres heaps more stuff thats been mentioned, but these are proly the easiest to implement within the product..

ibliss wrote on 12/7/2005, 6:01 AM
Velocity Envelopes enhancement/extension:

I'd like the ability of 'lock points', so you could put a start and end lock point say at 5second mark and 10 second mark. You could then do what ever you wanted with the Velocity envelope inbetween the 5 and 10 mark, and the frames either side of the lock points would stay exactly the same.

Failing that, a button that would toggle to force the end of the event to grow/shorten depending on what happened to the velocity envelope.

Oh, and the same with pitch envelopes for audio. (if they ever implement this)
PeterWright wrote on 12/7/2005, 6:18 AM
> "- timecode display of the actual tape clip within the properties or on the timeline itself (at the moment the only way to see actual timecode is throgh external preview..."

DV timecode is available as a thumbnail readout for Events - you can even see it change as you drag event edges.
Options > Preferences > Video > Show source frame numbers in event thumbnails as [Timecode]
Padre wrote on 12/8/2005, 5:46 AM
hey pete, yeah ive tried this, however it locks onto the timecode within the timeline, not the actual timecode of the video file..

lemme have another look

on external previe, i can preview timecode to unaffected material, add a filter or track motion and its gone..

using that technique you mentioned (which im sure ive treid before) actually works now.. lol
I have always had issues with that.. but i think coz i selected times and frames.. DOH
douglas_clark wrote on 12/8/2005, 8:22 AM
I have several different Media Manager databases, and I would like to be able to start Vegas with a particular database, without having to go in and change databases each time. Perhaps a command-line option on "Vegas70.exe" for "use Media Manager database XXX"? Then I could have a Vegas desktop icon for each database.

Or is there already a way to do this with a script?

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BrianStanding wrote on 12/8/2005, 9:13 AM
If you apply the "timecode" filter to media in the Project Media pool, it will show camera-original timecode instead of timeline timecode.
JJKizak wrote on 12/8/2005, 9:42 AM
Vegas needs a bunch of menu warnings like, "Vegas cannot do what you are telling it to do" or "You do not have enough ram to complete the render of the current project." "You are rendering a 16 x 9 project in widescreen but you have not set the "text" and "added 4 x 3 clips" to 16 x 9. "The still picture you want to add to the timeline is too large, do not exceed blah blah blah." "You are making too many mistakes, go and get some coffee." "The colors in your project exceed broadcast specifications, do you want Vegas to correct them?" "The sound levels in your project are clipping, would you like Vegas to correct them?" "Your CPU is overheating during renders." "Your ram is unstable or defective." "Your hard drives are not set to the proper DMA." "You are capturing to your "C" drive, please change this in options to another drive." "You are a terrible video editor, get someone else who knows what he is doing."

FuTz wrote on 12/8/2005, 11:30 AM
lol !
Now I'd need a 5 monitors setup just to make room for these windows!
datdere wrote on 12/9/2005, 8:55 AM
Ok...I am very new to video editing, but one thing I have had a serious wish for already is some way to utilize the pan/crop and/or track motion tools in real time as the event plays, similar to the way automated effects operate. Maybe this is possible and I have missed it, in which case let me change this request to one for a real manual!
johnmeyer wrote on 12/9/2005, 9:05 AM
Ummm, sounds like it's time for a better manual.

Popular applications often have as many as 50 books written about them, even those with good manuals. The manual can never be all things to all people. However, I agree that more help is needed from Sony. When something isn't in the manual -- even if it were a new and improved re-written manual -- where do you go?

To this site.

Where is the FAQ?? Why do we all have to answer the same twenty questions over and over? How do you change the speed of a clip? Why doesn't my capture work? What's the best way to encode for a DVD? It is, once again, a real failure of product management, a group that seems to have become hopelessly corporate, and in the process totally forgotten how to focus on the things that improve business and ultimately put more on the bottom line.
datdere wrote on 12/10/2005, 6:55 PM
Thanks for the sarcasm... After some research on the jetdv site, I found out that what I want to do cannot be done. That is to say, real-time pan and scan is not a possibility in Vegas.
PeterWright wrote on 12/10/2005, 11:04 PM
If you set up a loop on the timeline, this will play continuously whilst you twiddle with positions, keyframes etc., and while you're doing that, the results of whatever you do are visible in preview as you do them.
jetdv wrote on 12/11/2005, 4:48 AM
Peter, while what you say is true, it will NOT automatically add multiple keyframes while the timeline is playing. Try this:

Add a clip to the timeline
Open Pan/Crop
Start Playback
Now start adjusting the size of the Pan/Crop window.

It will not create multiple keyframes based on the playback position. Instead, it will create a single keyframe and any further adjustments will all adjust that same keyframe. This is true whether Sync Cursor is off or on.

Now, you CAN manually move the cursor to a new location on the Pan/Crop timeline and it will make a new keyframe but the Pan/Crop timeline will not move forward without manual intervention. That's why I recommended stopping playback - so you could see the exact frame you were adjusting while you are adjusting.
PeterWright wrote on 12/11/2005, 5:08 AM
Yes Edward, I know what you're saying - it's not quite real time but pretty close ...
I tend to unsynch cursor, then click the + button to create a new keyframe at required position, then change parameters, whilst loop is still playing, and gradually nudge things where I want.
MohammeD T wrote on 12/11/2005, 5:09 AM
You mean like File - Save As and check the box "Copy and Trim media"?

Yup, thats what i ment , thanks for the tip , time saving :O)