time for those Vegas 7 wishes...


GlennChan wrote on 11/21/2005, 10:17 PM
Other feature requests:

-Take some notes from Final Cut, some of the features in it make it excellent for raw cutting. That's Final Cut's only real strength over Vegas in my opinion.
join through edit
ripple editing works well in FCP. backspace and delete keys do different things (one ripple deletes, the other doesn't), which is nice. The ripple toggling in Vegas is annoying, and the shortcut keys should be the other way around (f to ripple everything).
The snapping to tracks above/below is nice. Being able to drag a clip by a marker and have it snap is nice.

More requests (color-correction related):

The color corrector filter should be able to fix a simple white balance error with one eyedropper. Currently it takes the high and mid eyedropper to fix something, and even then a little fiddling is needed to fix white balance completely. It should only take a single click on the high eyedropper onto a neutral color to fix something (and the neutral color should not necessarily have to be a highlight).
I suspect it's not particularly difficult to determine the balance of R' to G' to B' and then compensate for it, taking into account video's non-linear gamma (see poynton.com?). One click on the eyedropper should be all that's needed, whether you click on neutral gray or neutral white. The high color wheel should control overall white point/balance.

The triangles in videoFX should default to the other way.
There should be a way for trackFX to apply before pan/crop/mask at the event level.

The filters should work for 16-235 color space nicely. i.e. switches to change the interface around so they work well for 16-235 color space.
The color corrector filter should have controls so that you don't need to juggle between gain, offset, and gamma. Affecting one of those controls affects white level, black level, or gamma when you don't want it to.
Similarly, the levels filter should be the same way. (related to my article on levels). Having to jump between settings is annoying.

Pet feature requests:
There should be another color corrector filter which operates in HSL' or L'u'v' or LAB color space, and R'G'B'.
Paying attention to gamma means that the filters will look more perceptually uniform- they will be more accurate and realistic-looking.
Having the ability to manipulate luminance would be nice as it lets you tweak exposure without having to worry about saturation and hue shifts. The current color corrector's gamma control leads to saturation shifts because it operates on luma (Y') and not luminance.
The gain control also does this... notice images will start looking under/oversaturated.
Working on the Y' is certainly useful when you want to match images up via the vectorscope (changes in Y' do not affect the vectorscope reading; this can be desireable).
I might be wrong about the notation (may mean RGB instead of R'G'B'), but anyways filters that look right/better would be nice. They may look wrong because the filter doesn't take into account the gamma correction of video. Charles Poynton's book and website have some information on that. See http://www.poynton.com/papers/IST_SPIE_9801/index.html .

Interface/workflow inprovements for color correction would be nice. Bigger still store / clipboard, shortcuts for toggling things, ability to move between clips and automatically open its video event FX (i.e. a open / gang function like FCP).

Vegas is already a good tool for color correction, but it could be even better. It could even be on par with Final Touch (a *dedicated* color grading program for about $1k-$25k). Two big things to equalize the gap is:
-Motion tracking for bezier masks. You can use bezier masks to isolate color corrections (especially increasing/decreasing exposure)... this is huge for detailed color correction.

-Ability to import other editing program's projects. Everyone should come to stay in Vegas. :)

Keep in mind Vegas is my favorite color correction program over Final Touch (a program designed ONLY for color correction). And it's my favorite editing program of course.
JJKizak wrote on 11/22/2005, 6:04 AM
Incorporate Photo Paint 12 eye dropper and spray can corrections for stills. Also the smudge tools.
Incorporate a button or right click menu to clear all keyframes behind existing keyframes in the selected areas.
Invent a pluggin to fix "out of focus" stuff. (I would spend 500 bucks for this, maybe even a thousand)
Maybe some "auto" functions like "convert 16 x 9 to 4 x 3" and convert "4 x 3 to 16 x 9".
Selection of which media player to render to, Microsoft, Nero, MY-HD 120.
Enhance the first keyframe in front of many keyframes to show that there are keyframes behind it. "as long as they are touching each other on full expansion"
Option in the options to select either 225, 235, 255 color limits?
BTY I am really happy with V6.0c right now.


FrankLP* wrote on 11/22/2005, 8:18 PM
Many great suggestions! Has anybody mentioned thumbnails in the Explorer Window? That'd really help when file names aren't up to snuff! I use After Effects 6.5 and really like that feature...common in most windows based apps.
winrockpost wrote on 11/24/2005, 8:06 AM
Incorporate turkey recipes , and have a built in timer so I remember to check the turkey.

A Safe and Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.
Videocanuck wrote on 11/24/2005, 11:17 AM
I would like to see the addition of "Save a Copy" in Vegas 7. Adobe Indesign CS has this option and I find it really useful. When you save a copy, the file name has "copy" added to it (of course you can change the name if you want.) After the save, you are still working in your original file. I find it annoying and potentially problematic when the current working file is closed and is automatically switched over to the new file when using "Save As." Certainly, "Save as" has a useful function, such as saving different versions of a project, but just to make a backup copy while working on a project, I would prefer "Save a Copy."
GlennChan wrote on 11/26/2005, 11:10 PM
Luminance curves would also be nice.
see http://tig.colorist.org/wiki2/index.php/HyperContrast

Basically something that's like color curves without perceived saturation/hue shifting would be nice. It should also be reasonably fast... I'd rather it be fast than perfectly accurate (i.e. one of the Freeframe gaussian blur plug-ins is faster than Vegas', and looks the same).

PeterWright wrote on 11/27/2005, 8:52 PM
In Vegas Explorer, I would LOVE the option to have the Region Panel side by side with the panel containing the clip names.

I have the Explorer tabbed to go right across one screen, and both the Clip name panel and the Region panel are vertically squeezed to share the same space, whilst there is a lot of unused space on the right hand side.

If they were side by side, both could have a much larger area without using up any additional screen space.
x_gogoa wrote on 11/29/2005, 6:17 PM
in print to tape modul try to add:
assemble mode, insert mode with possibility to choose what to insert (v, a1, a2). also it would be nice if we could set level of 1kHz tone to be printed with bars before program.
test tone could be one of generated media too.
FuTz wrote on 11/29/2005, 6:46 PM
Video Capture:
-voice recognition so we can comment as we are dropping the clips on the drive in real time. So much time saved for logging.
Now what, couldn't it be a real breakthrough that would contribute to leave the competiton behind?

Well, ok, maybe for V10...

And a simple thing: allow Select All and right-click to Play All in Explorer window.
Kanst wrote on 12/1/2005, 2:22 PM
Main newbe's question again and again - where is a split button?
IMHO it's time to place it on toolbar.
p@mast3rs wrote on 12/1/2005, 2:26 PM
The 'S' key is so much easier for splitting than any button could ever be.
FuTz wrote on 12/1/2005, 2:42 PM
...these mostly used keys I marked them with acrylic felt pen. Big orange dots. You can use different colors. ;)
[r]Evolution wrote on 12/2/2005, 3:21 PM
`'Prettier'/more up to date interface/GUI option
`VEGAS process will stop remaining in TaskManager upon Close.
`Capture 601 Resolution w/o BlackBars on sides/601 Resolution Correction
`VU Meters
`FX specs Remain so you can see your settings
`Multiple Event Trimming
`Ability to choose Video & Audio tracks when adding clips to Time Line
`Ability to specify default color of Audio & Video tracks
`Video Stabilizer
`Batch Render/Que for different .veg's to different formats
`Chroma Key- Spill Suppressor/ more accurate Keying controls for small details like Hair & Clear Glass
`Audio Velocity Envelopes
`Track Grouping like ACID
~Better EDL export to other NLE/DAW options
craftech wrote on 12/3/2005, 5:48 AM
Main newbe's question again and again - where is a split button?
IMHO it's time to place it on toolbar.
Those of us who have used Vegas for a long time know about the popular keyboard commands. Split (S) is one of them.

Something I have wanted for a long time is an UNSPLIT process.


**Maybe we should start a new thread of LONG STANDING wishes. Problems or Wishes that date back to Vegas 2 and 3.**

This entire thread is just rambling and the repetition is getting us nowhere.
JJKizak wrote on 12/3/2005, 6:29 AM
Doesn't the "Undo" do the same thing as "Unsplit"? Unless you want to perform the unsplit after about 100 operations down the line.

craftech wrote on 12/3/2005, 6:44 AM
Doesn't the "Undo" do the same thing as "Unsplit"? Unless you want to perform the unsplit after about 100 operations down the line.
I want to be able to do it down the line. If I decide to edit somewhere else instead after two or three or more steps beyond the split I have to undo the other things I have done and do them over again. That's annoying.
FuTz wrote on 12/3/2005, 8:00 AM
this "hand on the ruler" behavior. That would be so nice to be able to grab the T/L (like I do all the time with this little hand on the ruler to go left-right) and be able to "pitch it" from one side to the other... You'd grab it, and with a quick left to right movement while it's grabbed (for example) you scroll and let the mouse go with the result that you T/L "flies" according to the "velocity" you used while doing the movement . And as soon as you click the mouse again, it "freezes" exactly where it's at. With this feature, you could really improve editing speed when you work on long projects by being able to go left-right on your T/L, seeing the blocks of clips passing by and stopping them where you want, edit, then come back... and forth... and back... and forth. Think about these old big knobbed radio tuners we had in our lounges 30 years ago: you would just quickly spin the knob and the "needle" (I'm missing some vocabulary here) would "fly" across 2/3rds of the whole spectrum unless you re-grabbed the knob to stop it on a precise spot.
I know that when you force the hand out of the "app's frame" the T/L goes faster and faster, but I'd like to be able not have to go to these edges of application frame. Just "pitch it" on either sides. Just a behavior but hell would I like it.
ibliss wrote on 12/3/2005, 8:44 AM
Futz - Try clicking your mouse's middle button and using auto scroll... (click again to stop).

Pretty fast way to fly around the timeline.
FuTz wrote on 12/3/2005, 10:13 AM




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busterkeaton wrote on 12/3/2005, 3:11 PM
ibliss, thanks that is a great tip.

I just came up with an idea. The Shuttlepro ships will predesignated shortcut files. You can change these, but right out of the box you don't have to set anything up.

How about Vegas ships with five or ten pre-existing layouts. This would be a great way for newbies to understand the flexibility of Vegas. You should still be able to create your custom layouts. But these existing layouts would also be there. It could be implemented under the View menu. You scroll down the entry "Vegas Layouts." It tells you there how to customize and save layouts using Cntl+Alt+D and Alt+D, but it also has ten images of various Vegas layouts and you can choose one of these.

It would be great when reinstalling or when moving to another machine.
seeker wrote on 12/3/2005, 3:40 PM
I know that "video stabilizer" has been mentioned several times already, but I want to add another vote for it. If Vegas supported a standard plug-in interface we could use existing third party stabilizers.

But the case has been made repeatedly why Vegas can't be adapted to use Premiere or other standard plug-ins. I guess I have to accept that. So either get an existing third party to "port" a stabilizer to Vegas, or simply invent a home grown stabilizer.

The stabilizer should be "industrial strength" in that it will accept extensive manual intervention to tell the stabilizer what parts of the image should be stabilized and what parts of the image should be allowed to move freely. I think in general that could involve a lot of key-framed type of user image markers. Otherwise, the stabilizer should be "intelligent" enough to figure out what to stabilize and what not to.

-- seeker --
jwcarney wrote on 12/5/2005, 9:57 AM
Seeker, if they would update to DirectX/DirectShow (at least 9c)then they would have a standards based plug-in architecture. With DirectShow we could get all the features of ConnectHD instead of having to use the standalone version, plus options to use hardware acceleration when needed would be nice. I'm pretty sure BlackMagic designs uses DirectShow, but could be wrong on that one.
I'd take that over any new bells and whistles.
Just think if game developers could write some SFX plug ins!!!!!
JJKizak wrote on 12/5/2005, 10:39 AM
If a video stabilizer is implemented I would hope that it is far better than Deshaker and Dynapel. As far as I am concerned those two apps just scratch the surface. What good is a stabilized perimeter when many areas are dancing inside the frame because of poor color ID algorithims? Also in and out of focus. The stabilizer must be able to logarimacally insert as many frames as necessary to smooth out the jerks and maintain the focus while identifying objects in motion. I don't care if the pluggin was100 gig as long as it worked.

FuTz wrote on 12/5/2005, 10:43 AM
I don't think it's the deshaker itself that gets out of focus. It's the image that's recorded with movement. The deshaker simply takes those frames, in or out of focus, and repositions them one over the other.