NickHope wrote on 8/3/2020, 5:18 AM

Looks like it's failed to find or install the VEGAS Deep Learning Models. Try downloading and installing it manually from this:

NickHope wrote on 8/3/2020, 6:20 AM

@NickHope Hello, Nick, What are the direct links of VP, VE, VI?

I have added many links for VEGAS Pro and the new VEGAS POST and their components to this post:

tut-m wrote on 8/3/2020, 4:43 PM

How entering Preferences/Internal in Vegas Pro 18?


Marco. wrote on 8/3/2020, 4:56 PM

Press Shift while clicking Options.

tut-m wrote on 8/3/2020, 5:01 PM

Press Shift while clicking Options.

Thanks a lot! 👍

antonio-m wrote on 8/4/2020, 9:02 AM

Sorry but vegas 18 pro edit is already on sale so available?
thank you.