Vegas 19 Post Install won't install Vegas 19

GaryAshorn wrote on 9/4/2021, 8:38 PM

I just upgraded from Vegas 18 suite to Vegas 19 Post. Did the install routine in my confirmation e-mail. All started and showed it downloaded, went thru and install modes. All installed except for Vegas 19. Not sure what is happening.

Also, when trying to run Vegas Image or Effects it says I have to register Vegas Post. My account says it is registered. I am running Vegas 19 now that I installed it to the C: drive. But the add on software doesn't recognize it is activated.

Any ideas. thanks


fr0sty wrote on 9/4/2021, 8:51 PM

If you look in the news section of this forum, in the VEGAS 19 thread, there's a download link to download 19's installer. Install that file and put your serial number in when it asks for it. See if that fixes it.

GaryAshorn wrote on 9/4/2021, 9:21 PM

Well, I have always installed Vegas in a different drive than my C:drive. I tried letting the recommended install location and it loaded up to my C:drive programs. So, not sure why but it is running. Now to make sure all the other installs actually are connected and recognized. Thanks


walter-i. wrote on 9/5/2021, 2:17 AM

Well, I have always installed Vegas in a different drive than my C:drive.

Vegas pro does not want to be installed on a drive other than C:\.
If you browse the forum you will find some posts about this.

It is better to leave Windows and all programmes on C:\ and the data for them on other hard disks.
This also gives you a much better overview when backing up data and restoring it if necessary.

GaryAshorn wrote on 9/5/2021, 1:46 PM

Walter, thanks and it is fincky for sure. I have run Vegas since version 2 for years and have done many installs even on other drives. I got it running on C: as you note. My Vegas Image and Effects got installed the first time around when Vegas 19 did not. Going to try and REINSTALL those two and see if they find the Vegas Post activation. I suspect they needed Vegas 19 post installed first before they were installed.

Jeffrey-Johnson wrote on 12/2/2022, 7:18 AM

If you use Norton 360 be sure to turn off the Secure VPN.. This is also true why trying to run the application. The Product has always had an issue with this.